Arlington TX

Virtually all homeowners enjoy having a beautiful, well maintained lawn and attractive flowers or shrubs. This is why numerous individuals prefer to avail themselves of professional lawn service in Arlington rather than take a “hit or miss” approach to lawn maintenance.

However, there are also various avenues through which property owners can reduce the presence of weeds and other undesirable botanical life in their yard and the land surrounding their home.

Regarding weed control, preventative measures are the best defense for essentially any homeowner.

The Many Types of Weeds

Many people are under the impression that all weeds are the same, and this is a common mistake. Although only three types of weeds are typically found in residential areas of the United States, they have distinct differences.

Most can be classified as broadleaf weeds, sedge weeds, or grassy weeds, but each must be dealt with in a specific way.

Controlling Weeds In Your Home

The best preventative measure you can take against all three types of weeds is the proper maintenance of a lush, healthy lawn that kills weeds before they grow out of control.

When homeowners focus on weed control they should make every effort to destroy weeds in the springtime when they are young and easier to eliminate.

Our weed control experts in Arlington also recommend keeping shrubs and flowerbeds properly trimmed and pruned so that it is easy to see new weeds poking through the earth and subsequently destroy them before they have chance to flourish.

Professional Lawn Service vs DIY

Although numerous individuals prefer to kill weeds with store-bought products or home remedies, the result is often disappointing. A wiser course of action is for homeowners to contact experts who have the skills and training to destroy and eliminate weeds while protecting the other botanical life on the property.

Choosing the most appropriate professional for one’s lawn care needs is the best way to maintain a consistently beautiful and healthy lawn.

Our team at Xtreme Lawn Care can correctly diagnose your weed issues and remove them in any way necessary through a variety of techniques.