LED vs. Incandescent Christmas Lights

LED vs incandescent Christmas lights

Recently I had a client ask me why LED Christmas lights are better than Incandescent, considering the initial cost is more. It is true the upfront cost is more for LED. I sent him an email with the below information and then asked him which light would be best for him.

LED bulbs are extremely energy efficient.

LED Bulbs use 1/7 to 1/10 the electrical consumption of a normal incandescent bulb.

​​​​​​​Savings in energy cost.

Overtime the savings in energy cost will pay for the additional upfront cost of the LED bulb. (LED bulbs are about 4-5 times more expensive than incandescent lights) A typical LED bulb cost $1.15 per bulb and incandescent bulbs are about.25 per bulb.

​​​​​​​LED Christmas Lights Last Longer.

LED Christmas Lights will last 3-4 times longer than incandescent lights. Typically, an LED bulb will last around 10-15 years.

​​​​​​​LED are far more durable.

I have literally watched a truck tire drive over an LED bulb and it didn’t break. That’s not to say they can’t break and I have seen them break, however they are much more durable. This comes in very handy if you have heavy windstorms that might beat them against the house or an ice storm that knock them off the house.

​​​​​​​LED lights do not emit any heat while incandescent lights do.

This helps reduce the risk of fire and burnt fingers.

​​​​​​​I recently found out that everyone is colorblind, however, the degree to how much people are colorblind makes the difference.

Meaning that everyone sees color a little differently depending on your eyes degree of colorblindness. With this in mind, I personally think LED lights have a much truer color than incandescent.

LED Christmas lights

​​​​​​​LED has a smaller Carbon footprint than Incandescent light.

Because LED lights use much less energy, last much longer, and are more durable, the energy used to run them and to make them is less. The lower energy used to keep them lit is well known, however, when considering they last longer and are more durable less energy is consumed in making replacement bulbs as well. If you are environmentally conscious, this sits well with you.

He chose LED and I think it was the smart choice, considering he has nearly 500 bulbs on his business. If you have any question about our Christmas lighting installation in Fort Worth TX and surrounding areas let us know we are more than happy to answer your questions along.