It’s Spring and Your Lawn Is Waking Up: Are You Ready?

Spring can be an exciting time for many reasons. The warm climate and sunshine can be a welcomed change after months of snow and freezing temperatures. But while people from all walks of life will take to the outdoors in order to take advantage of the enjoyable weather, lawns also go through changes when the spring season comes. Grass will typically awaken and be ripe for lawn care services as soon as the temperature rises and the sun comes out. But some homeowners aren’t sure how to care for their lawn and improve its appearance. A few simple activities can have large effects on the way a lawn looks, and being knowledgeable of proper lawn care maintenance practices will help you be ready when your lawn awakens.

Mowing lawn

How Basic Lawn Care Maintenance Provides Big Benefits

Sometimes the smallest practices can have the largest impact on the way a lawn looks. Even those with no prior experience administering lawn maintenance can take part in basic practices like watering and fertilizing their lawn once the spring season begins. Getting an early start on these tasks gives any yard a better chance of remaining healthy. But in certain instances, these practices may not be effective. While some may not be sure how to handle this, certain practices can help even the most stubborn and worn-down lawn regain its luster.

Using Lawn Aeration to Repair Unseen Damage

It can be easy to pinpoint weak or damaged areas on the surface of a lawn, but many problems stem from issues beneath the ground. When soil becomes too dense or roots dry up, a lawn may not respond to traditional lawn care maintenance habits. Lawn aeration in Fort Worth can be an effective solution to this problem. This process involves returning the small openings to soil that allow roots to get nutrients more consistently. This can revitalize even the most unresponsive lawn and help encourage future growth.

Removing Unsightly Weeds without Harming the Grass

Weeds can be tricky to get rid of. While there are a number of products on the market that homeowners can use for weed control, not all of these are designed to be used directly on lawns. Some are only for weeds growing through cracks in driveways or sidewalks. Administering them on grass can cause a significant amount of damage. Being stocked up on lawn-friendly weed control solutions is one of the best steps a homeowner can take to prepare for lawn care maintenance in the spring.

Calling in the Professionals for High-Quality Results

While many homeowners pride themselves on caring for their lawn, sometimes DIY methods aren’t enough to help a person get their yard in satisfactory condition. Whether it’s landscaping services in Fort Worth or simple lawn maintenance, many professional companies specialize in providing industry-leading lawn care techniques. Purple Care is a versatile and affordable option for homeowners who want the quickest and most effective lawn services for their yard once the spring season begins.