Lighting Options to Improve Any Yard


Summer is almost here, and if you’re looking for a way to improve your landscaping, you may want to consider upgrading your exterior property’s lighting scheme. Outdoor lighting is a great way to highlight the aesthetic strengths of your property, while also improving security and visibility. At Purple Care, we can provide a number of lighting installations to suit your needs, including LED and solar-powered lights to help you manage your carbon footprint. Keep reading to learn more about lighting options that can improve any yard, and remember that when it comes to all things landscaping, you can always trust our experienced experts at Purple Care.

5 Outdoor Lighting Upgrades to Consider This Summer

  1. Pathway Lights: Pathway lights are, just as they sound like, lights that are set up to illuminate the path into your home. These lights are a great way to enhance safety, curb appeal, and convenience, in addition to potentially highlighting your garden or other elements of your landscaping. They can be installed as downlights, literally pointing down at the path in front of them, or as part of your walkway, with wiring running under the ground. These lights will definitely increase the beauty of your home during the twilight of the summer, and they are also a great addition for winter, when it starts to get dark out.
  2. Ground lighting: Similar to pathway lights, ground lighting is any kind of lighting that comes up from below the ground, rather than through a visible fixture. This is often a popular option for commercial properties, where there are concerns about exterior light fixtures getting vandalized. Ground lights work well with turf, where it would be easy for a fixture to get tripped on or damaged during lawn care. They are also extremely helpful in illuminating your driveway, if you decide to install them under concrete. Again, the main focus of ground lighting is to create a path, just like pathway lighting, so they are good for anyone who wants to create a walkway without installing above-ground fixtures.
  3. Spotlights: As opposed to theatrical spotlights, which are turned on and off to illuminate the performers on stage, landscaping spotlights are installed to create a pathway and/or highlight various aesthetic features of your yard. They may be attached to your home itself, or come up through fixtures in the ground. In addition to improving safety, spotlights are a great way to create several beautiful effects on your exterior property, including silhouettes, shadows, and washing (an almost ambient, soft glowing effect.) LEDs are an excellent choice for spotlights, which is all we use at Purple Care, as they allow for maximum brightness. You may also want to consider installing automatic spotlights, which can actually track intruders, depending on the system you go with. And speaking of intruders…
  4. Hidden Lights: Indoors, hidden lights are sometimes referred to as “recessed lighting,” and installed in openings to illuminate various rooms. Outside, hidden lights can be installed to have a similar effect, shining down on various parts of your property to enhance beauty and visibility. However, hidden lights are also a great security choice, as they can be programmed to come on at a moment’s notice if an intruder appears, without that intruder even suspecting their presence beforehand.
  5. Tree Wrap Lights/Hanging Lights: If you’re looking for a less permanent but always aesthetically pleasing lighting option, you may want to consider using tree wrap/net lights or hanging/string lights outside your property. Used less for security and visibility reasons and more to simply create atmosphere and improve outdoor beauty, tree wrap lights and hanging lights are a great way to improve the look of your home during summertime, while still looking seasonally appropriate when Christmas rolls around. There are some hanging light options that are a bit sturdier and more permanent, but in general, it is a benefit of these lights that they can be taken down and reconfigured depending on your specific needs and tastes.

To learn more about potential outdoor lighting options to install on your property this summer, call (817) 369-3138, or send us a message online.