Fall Landscaping Checklist


Make your fall landscaping list and check it twice for an autumn yard that’s not naughty but nice!

These four tips will help you prepare your yard for fall and set you up for success in the spring:

Rake Fallen Leaves

Removing dead leaves is a traditional fall chore that some may not realize the benefits of. Dead leaves can retain moisture and create lead to rot on your grass. There are many ways to remove leaves from your lawn:

  • Mow over them and let them become a natural fertilizer
  • Add them to compost
  • Rake leaves into a plastic tablecloth or tarp to transport or remove them

Mow One More Time

When a chill starts to creep into the air, it’s time to start planning your final mow of the season. Mowing the grass one last time is essential because diseases that affect grass have a harder time targeting short blades. It also prevents fallen leaves from sticking around on your lawn.

The only potential downside is that if you mow too close to the ground, you may be inadvertently hurting your lawn. Keep the blades at least 1.25 inches long to give your grass enough area to grow!

Trim Back Tree Branches

Dead branches are a nuisance to your lawn and your home. Dead and diseased branches should be removed close to the trunk of the tree to allow them the heal naturally. If you see any branches that touch or reach over your roof, take some time to trim those back as well. Tree branches can fall onto your roof in severe weather or give wildlife such as squirrels and raccoons access to your home.

Remove All Garden Hoses and Turn Off Sprinklers

Removing the garden hoses from any outdoor faucets will help prevent frozen or burst lines in the event of a cold snap. Turn off any irrigation systems in use as well — they won’t get much use in winter.

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