5 Reasons to Mulch Your Property

A flower bed with mulch on top of the soil.

If you own or manage property, making sure it’s always in its best condition means paying attention to the basics. When it comes to looking after the health of your trees, flowerbeds, and other key landscaping features, proper mulching is about as basic as it gets.

Mulch is a layer of organic material (usually bark, although other types exist) placed on top of exposed soil. Shielding soil in this manner provides many important benefits that can improve your property’s health and appearance. Once you realize how important mulching can be, you’ll always want to make sure you keep up with it!

Let’s go over five important reasons to mulch your property below.

1. Moisture Retention

There are many regions in Texas where it can get very hot and dry. Unless you consistently water your landscaping with a lot of water, your soil is liable to dry out. Fortunately, mulch can prevent this from happening too quickly.

Because mulch is applied on top of your soil, it can help trap moisture beneath it. This means that your plants’ roots get a longer opportunity to get the hydration they need without additional watering. It also means your soil can stay damp enough to prevent it from completely drying out and blowing away in the wind.

2. Weed Suppression

Weeds can create an unaesthetic appearance to your property, especially when they pop up in flower beds or key points of interest. Worse yet, weeds can rob your plants of much-needed nutrients, water, and space – things that they need to thrive.

Mulch can suppress weeds by preventing their germination and spread in a localized area. You might see a few weeds pop up over time, but ultimately, you’ll notice much fewer than if you had left your soil exposed. Perhaps the best part of this weed suppression method is that it doesn’t involve any chemicals that can harm other plants, animals, or people.

3. Pest Control

Mulch is also good for keeping certain pests at bay. Certain organic materials incorporated into pest-repelling mulches can provide your garden with protection against insects such as cockroaches and beetles. In many cases, cedar bark is used because it can directly kill insects and dissolve their eggs and larvae.

If you’re worried about how mulch can affect earthworms that are beneficial to your landscaping, don’t worry. It won’t affect them – in fact, when worms surface from beneath the soil, the layer of mulch above them can keep them safe from predators looking for their next meal!

4. Adding Nutrients to Your Landscape Features

Because mulch is organic, its gradual decay can deliver vital vitamins and nutrients to the soil for your plants to use. This is no substitute for proper fertilizer, but adding mulch can provide additional nutrients to your plants while also providing all of its other primary benefits.

5. Improve the Appearance of Your Property

Lastly, mulch in and of itself can give your property a certain aesthetic appeal. Whether you want it to stand out or blend in, the choice is yours. Either way, it can lend a certain uniformity to how your flowerbeds, trees, and other landscaping features are presented.

Purple Care Can Provide the Mulch Services You Need!

If you want to add new mulch to your property, Purple Care can help! Our expert landscapers can carefully work around your existing plants and landscaping features to remove old mulch and apply new material in its place!

There are many benefits to mulch – more than we could list here! If you’d like to learn more about how mulch can improve your property, get in touch with us today!

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