Keller Landscaping Services

Maintain a Stunning Yard in Keller, TX

Our Keller landscaping services help residents of this Texas community celebrate the beauty of attractive lawns and gardens. Purple Care offers both experienced design assistance for developing eye-catching expanses of grass and flower beds, and a tree service. We recognize the important role residential “curb appeal” plays in maintaining solid real estate values in the housing market.

We supply an excellent Keller lawn service focusing upon landscaping design elements. Consult with us to obtain assistance creating stunning expanses of lush green grass and vibrant flowers. We supply expertise with fertilization and irrigation issues, as well as weed control.

Ask us to help you engineer lovely outdoor settings. Our work will complement the unique features of your home! Some benefits of requesting our Keller lawn care service include:

  • Ensure your grass obtains essential nutrients
  • Eliminate patchy areas of brown or yellowed grass
  • Prevent the spread of weeds and crabgrass
  • Enjoy the beauty of rich, verdant grass
  • Ensure fertilization doesn’t accidentally damage your lawn, and more!

Beautiful Gardens Enchance Homes in Keller, TX

The beauty of a residential garden contributes immensely to the charm of many homes in Keller. Our company helps devise appealing landscapes for customers. We’ll assist you in developing your grounds attractively.

Our customers benefit from our years of experience. We possess familiarity with this local area. Just consider a few reasons why so many households request our Keller landscaping services:


Our Keller Tree Service

In addition to caring for lawns and gardens, we pay close attention to trees. Our company offers assistance removing fallen trees and brush, and picking up leaves. We also provide essential trimming and pruning services.

How can our tree care services help you develop your home’s grounds in Keller? Contact us to receive help planting wind breaks and orchards, and obtaining reforestation assistance for recreational tracts. We offer comprehensive assistance managing trees for customers:

  • Obtain the fast removal of fallen tree trunks
  • Enjoy rapid cleanup after storms
  • Keep trees trimmed to prevent branches from toppling onto power lines or rooftops
  • Reduce the chance of trees in your yard developing unnoticed diseases
  • Prevent fallen leaves from obscuring the beauty of your lawn, and more!

To speak with us in depth about one (or more) of our company’s Keller landscaping services, simply call 817-880-6052 now. We furnish free quotes upon request. You can also contact us online using the convenient website form. We look forward to helping you enjoy a magnificent lawn and garden in Keller!