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Lawn Aeration in Fort Worth

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Turf lives a hard life here in the Fort Worth area. Clay is dominant in our soil, and its tiny particles compact and smother grass root systems. Foot traffic, dry spells, weeds, and pests add to turf’s natural degradation. The thatch layer between soil and grass plays an important role in your yard’s health, but it packs down over time, blocking water and oxygen flow. Topical fertilizers lose their effectiveness because they can’t penetrate the dense layers. If your lawn can’t drink, breathe, or process nutrients, it eventually dies. To ensure your yard remains in excellent condition and enhances your home’s curb appeal, turn to Purple Care. Our Purple Patrol offers lawn aeration services throughout Fort Worth to keep it healthy and green no matter the weather or season!

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How Does Lawn Aeration Work?

Core aeration punches through thick layers of thatch and restores compact soil to a porous composition, allowing your grass to breathe.

Healthy turf develops a strong root system that:

  • Helps fend off disease
  • Resist pests
  • Weathers dry spells

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For more information about lawn aeration in Fort Worth, give us a call at (817) 369-3138 today. 

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Your lawn responds better to regular maintenance including mowing, fertilizing, and weed control. Aeration revives its ability to soak up heavy rains, and improved moisture retention helps grass stay green all summer—even through periods of imposed water restrictions.

Effective lawn aeration requires precision machinery and an expert knowledge of the best local horticultural practices. Our Purple Patrol brings both to your home or business, and we deliver more than 30 years of lawn care experience.

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