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December 16, 2019 | By Matt Cook



Recent scientific studies are showing that the use of technology disturbs our electromagnetic fields. I don’t want to get all “metaphysical” with it, but I think it’s a theory that is worth thinking about. The theory says that in order to re-balance and re-order our electromagnetic field we require grounding.

They have created a term called Earthing. The concept states that in order to preform grounding we have to have our bodies in direct contact with the earth. This can be as simple as going barefoot, making a sandcastle, or planting.

This helps us get re-connected by grounding our bodies. People pay money for this grounding. Note to self, start a business in which people are paying me to dig in the earth, sorry for the rabbit trail. Anyway, you really should consider what effects electronic devices might be having on you and your children.

Here at Purple Care we support these efforts of getting folks outside and away from the electronic devices. During this Holiday break if you find your family staring at screens and your kids tell you that you are a “screenager”.

Don’t get offended, get everyone outside. Go for a walk, take a hike, help a neighbor with something that will allow you to get your hands dirty and reconnected with the earth.

Get Out!

Just how much time do we spend immersed in Technology daily? Most of us have jobs that require us to spend most of our waking hours with technology. Technology that follows you home right into your own bedroom every night.

While our phones sleep quietly inches from our beds, sometimes aggressively waking us up from a deep sleep. Many of us desire opportunities to unplug or fast from technology. Just recently you are seeing executives from Silicon Valley go on “Dopamine Fast” in order to help re-set their minds and bodies from the addiction technology can become. I agree that this is a good practice and I practice this on a small scale.

I love to travel with my family. I like to get out and explore the great outdoors and see as much of the United States as I can. I enjoy finding off beat and remote places that enable me to go off the grid. In recent years I have found two places that I recommend if you are feeling the need to drop off the Matrix for a few days.

I suggest the following places: Big Bend in the Great State of Texas, or Chaco Canyon in New Mexico.

These are the most remote places I have ever been. You drive for miles in the opposite direction of lights, cars, houses, and neighborhoods.As you drive you see your cell phone signal fade slowly, one signal bar at a time.

You think to yourself “Yes I did it! I am off the grid! I am sticking it to the man!” Technology silence. Only to climb up the top of a mesa or peak and your phone reconnects and hums back to life with all the notifications that you have missed out on. Only serving to remind yourself that you really can’t ever get away. If you have never been to either of these places,

I highly recommend that you see them.

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In The Yard

So, what does Earthing, Dopamine Fasting, and traveling have to do with your soil?

That’s a great question!

We believe in helping you create outdoor spaces at your home that help you reconnect to the earth. Creating a backyard oasis starts with soil. Without great soil it is not possible to create an inviting space that encourages you and your family to unplug and get outside.

The following article about soil will.

Soil Is A Natural Resource

The soil is full of life. Everything from microscopic organism to earthworms. Soil is considered a natural resource.

Natural resources are naturally occurring organic substances that aide life on earth in some way.  When it comes to natural resources, we are all fans of clean air and clean water.

Not one of us wants to have prolonged contact with polluted air or water. Too often we neglect our soil and take it for granted. Many of us have poor soils. We may be tempted to dig it all up, haul it away and start over.

If you have millions to blow and want to live with prolonged construction and a giant mess, I guess you should go for it. This is not realistic for most of us.

The best solution is to amend what you have. To use the word soil in North Texas is an insult to many Panhandle farming roots, where we had real soil and not a minefield of rocks.

Our soil here is lacking in organic matter. For it to be healthy and beneficial to your yard and gardens the best thing you can do is apply Top Dressing. When we top dress, we put living organisms back into the soil.

Give Your Soil Some Space

Since soil is alive it requires Oxygen. Oxygen helps create space in the soil and room for water and nutrients.  Liquid and Mechanical aerations help create openings in the soil allowing the soil to have much needed space.  This help keep the soil workable and usable.

Think potting soil.

Potting soil is a great example of how our soil should be. Light and fluffy. If your soil is rock hard you need to aerate and add organic matter. If you find yourself too busy, let us help you.

We will do the dirty work and get it done quickly. We can apply our Proprietary, locally sourced, recycled product on your lawn to increase its fertility. The more organic matter you add to your soil the better your plants will look in the stress of the summer heat that is coming.


Now is the time to be planning your spring landscaping budget. Please consider applying Top Dressing to your turf. If you are unsure of the merits of top dressing just call the office and arrange for me to personally visit your house with a bag of Purple Care Topdressing.

I will apply a free sample of our Purple Top Dressing to your turf, and then check back with you in three to four weeks to see if you can see a difference in your turf. If you do see the difference in your turf, you should consider allowing us to apply top dressing across your entire lawn.

Recycling Is What We Do


All good landscapers participate in the Carbon Cycle. See the attached Diagram for a refresher. Carbon content is essential for soil life.

Landscapers start by allowing the grass clippings to fall back into the lawn with each mowing.

This provides a layer of “green manure”. This “green manure” acts as a natural fertilizer to help give your lawn a boost during its most active time.

Secondly, we cut down and remove trees, and bushes. We haul those away and keep them out of the landfill.

We take them to a tub grinder that shreds them into bark mulches and the finer particles are used to supplement soil mixtures that will end up back in your flowerbeds and lawn. Future increasing the soils fertility and water retention capabilities.

What’s Happening With The Sun?


Throughout the fall and winter the angle of the sun in the Northern Hemisphere is much greater and the days are shorter. Very little of its energy is affecting the soil.

This helps our evaporation rates here in North Texas because the moisture in the soil is retained because of this. Therefore, you may have to dial back your irrigation systems as your yard and flowerbeds may get wet and soggy for longer periods of time. Plants don’t grow at the same rate and many plants are in dormancy.

Because of this, it is a great time to dig. The soil is soft and workable. This also makes for a great time to plant evergreen shrubs and almost every tree that will thrive in North Texas, see my previous post.

A direct opposite of the conditions we find in July when the soil profile is rock hard, cracked and dry as a bone. Building up the organic matter in your soil will help increase its ability to retain moisture for those stretches of drought we experience every year.

Next Steps

Get reconnected to the great outdoors. Get outside. Take your loved ones with you and make memories while you can. Put down your phone and look at people. Be fully engaged. Be present.

Determine areas in your turf and landscaping that seem to brown up first and dry out. Call us out and ask us to help develop a plan of attack. Make room in your budget for adding organic amendments to your soil before the heat of another North Texas summer.

As you build organic matter in your soil, your landscaping will become an oasis from the outside world. Enabling you to disconnect from technology in the comfort of your own space.

You and your family will benefit from it. If you are not sure how to start on this, please give us a call and we can send an expert to your place that is fluent in reconnecting folks back to their landscaping.




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