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The notorious fire ant, an invasive from South America, feels right at home here in North Texas. They’ve established themselves as one of the area’s worst lawn pests. Their aggressive swarming and poisonous stings pose a danger to people, pets, and backyard birds.

Unfortunately, DIY fire ant control doesn’t work—ant colonies are huge, and their underground tunnel systems run deep breath your lawn. Luckily, our trained professionals have the equipment and industry knowledge it takes to safely eliminate fire ants. We use materials, tools, and techniques that control fire ants without harming grass, gardens, and trees. Our scheduled seasonal treatments provide year-round fire ant control in Fort Worth. At Purple Care, we not only eliminate the problem but restore yards and rural and commercial properties damaged by these invasive pests.

Keep your lawn safe and intact by enlisting the help of our Purple Patrol. Contact us now at (817) 369-3138 to schedule treatment. 

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