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In the pest world, rodents are both foragers and potential disease carriers. If you’re a restaurant or hotel in the greater Fort Worth area, our familiarity with local and state codes will keep you in the clear and your establishment spotless.

Homeowners may notice holes in the home and around their yard before they notice the critters themselves. As foragers, rodents are always digging for their next meal—from your lawn. At Purple Care, our goal is to get them out of your yard, your neighbor’s yard, and your neighborhood for good.

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Our Rodent Control Methods

We provide you with year-round protection from serious rodent infestations at Purple Care. Regular rodent treatments can control most rodent issues. If the infestation is severe, we can perform monthly or bimonthly services. Our rodent control services include mice, rats, and voles.

The Initial Visit

Rodent activity and your home will be thoroughly inspected by your technician. In addition to your home's exterior, attic, basement, and kitchen, your inspector will inspect areas where rodents normally congregate.

After that, your technician will create a customized plan for your home based on your current level of activity. Treatment of rodents involves bait stations, traps, and exclusion methods.

Routine Scheduled Treatments

The technician will inspect your rodent control strategy and adjust it as needed.

At every visit, your technician will:

Empty and/or refill bait stations as needed; relocate them if necessary; and inspect your traps as needed.

Traps should be checked for use and emptied or relocated as needed

Verify that exterior exclusions (small openings that have been blocked) are still functioning correctly and that rodents have not gotten through them

How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Home

  • Seal entryways and cracks - Rodents can squeeze into holes as small as a quarter. Make sure your home doesn't have any openings that size. Make sure they're sealed up properly. Steel wool, hardware cloth, caulk, cement, and plaster are some examples. Seal large cracks in doors and windows with weatherstripping.

Clean up crumbs and potential food sources - The rodent is resourceful. There will always be food around your property for them to eat, so you have to be vigilant in dealing with them. Always cover garbage cans. Pick ripe fruit from your trees and gardens. Compost fallen fruit and vegetables. Pets should be fed during the day and leftover food should not be left lying around. Rodent proof containers should be used to store pet food outside.

  • Remove their habitat - Do not let these vermin live in your house. You should remove limbs, old cars, and appliances from your property. Wood piles and lumber should be stored at least 18 inches above ground and at least a foot away from your home and other walls. Getting rid of heavy vegetation will prevent rodents from using it as a hideout.
  • Trim trees, shrubs, and limbs - This will prevent rodents from jumping onto your home or easily accessing ports of entry.
  • Set traps inside - Rodent traps are commercially available and are not dangerous to pets and children, for example cage traps.
  • Call in the experts - our pest control technicians at Purple Care are proficient in removing unwanted pests, including rodents. We look forward to assisting you in pest control extermination services.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Taking part in our pest control service ensures your complete satisfaction. If you see any new mouse, rat, or vole activity during the year, we will come out for free as many times as necessary to treat it. We can dispatch a technician to take care of new rodent intrusions within one business day, in the vast majority of cases. Throughout the year, we keep your home comfortable, healthy, and pest-free.

Our Purple Patrol has over 30 years of experience eradicating rodents in Fort Worth. Give us a call at (817) 369-3138 or contact us online


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