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Hannah Carrasquillo

Customer Service Representative
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Hannah Carrasquillo is a Customer Service Representative and has worked for Purple Care since 2017. She specializes in Angie’s List clients and works with customers on any questions or needs they may have. She believes that detailed customer service is key with any successful company. She has worked in customer service and retail since 2011. Growing up in the Azle wresting program, she grew up alongside a few of Purple Care’s employees and can relate to Purple Care as a family/team atmosphere. After high school, she took a wrestling scholarship at North West Kansas Tech where she majored in Respiratory Therapy. Once she moved back home from college, she bought her own home at the age of 20. Newlywed to her husband, they now reside in Fort Worth with their four dogs. She is an active member in a local women’s pool league and loves outdoor activities. If Hannah had to choose any tree/plant/flower to be she would be a Snapdragon. Snapdragons are very bold in color and represent graciousness. They also show strength as they can grow in the rockiest of areas.