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Rick Lobato

Director of Sales
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Rick Lobato joined the Purple Care Pest Control division in September 2017 as the Sales Director and in February 2020 was promoted to Vice President of sales. Rick’s success in leading the Purple Care Sales team stems from his prior 15 years of experience training and managing teams in the alarm, solar, satellite and pest control industries.

Rick hails from San Diego, California. He enjoys spending time with family and friends and loves to travel. In his free time, Rick can often be found at the gun range. His love of shooting began during his time in the Army where he served in the US and Germany.

Rick’s other hobbies include motivational speaking and acting. He has had several roles on TV shows and movies but enjoys the success of managing and developing sales talent and creating new sales ideas much more.

If Rick could be any flower, plant, or tree, he would be a Jacaranda tree, because of their strength to survive with independence and class. They have intricate foliage, deep roots, and strong branches. They are also purple in color, paying homage to his loyalty to the Purple Care family.