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Fort Worth Stump Grinding

Preventing Trees from Re-Sprouting in North Texas

When you cut a tree at the base, it leaves a stump. You’ve removed the tree itself but leaving that stump intact doesn’t guarantee the tree won’t re-sprout. Even worse, if the stump does die, that wood and organic material become a magnet for pests like carpenter ants, drawing them closer to your home.

Stump grinders are available to rent, but hiring a professional is a less expensive, much safer option in the long run. At Purple Care, we’re happy to quote you a price with no obligation so you can see which option best fits your needs. We can even combine this service with other tree maintenance options to create a custom package for you.

To keep your yard free of stumps and prevent unwanted tree regrowth, contact us at (817) 369-3138 for stump grinding in Fort Worth.


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