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Fort Worth Tree Disease & Pest Control

Organic & Environmentally Safe Tree Treatment in North Texas

In addition to pruning or trimming trees, it’s important to ensure that they are regularly checked for signs of disease or pest infestation. Depending on the species of trees or ornamentals you have planted, various diseases and insect attractions will occur. At Purple Care, our Purple Pros are licensed, trained, and highly experienced when it comes to knowing what pests enjoy your trees and which diseases could wreak havoc on your prized ornamentals.

When we come to inspect and treat your trees, we will look for:

  • Signs of a thinning canopy
  • Undersized or discolored leaves
  • Sawdust-like material
  • Small holes in the tree bark
  • Sticky substances
  • White spots

For quality tree disease and pest control in Fort Worth, contact Purple Care at (817) 369-3138.