Tree Removal

Tree Removal in Fort Worth

North Texas Tree Experts Using the Best Methods & Equipment for Safety

Trees may need to be removed for a variety of reasons, including decay, storm damage, pest damage, and disease. While some homeowners think the job is as simple as grabbing a chainsaw, there is much more involved in safely and completely removing a tree. Purple Care provides tree removal in Fort Worth from well trained and experienced professionals.

If you have one or more trees that need to be removed, call (817) 369-3138 to schedule service.

Leave the Job to a Professional

Attempting to remove trees on your own can lead to injury and other serious problems. Removing trees without the right equipment can risk damage to electrical lines, underground pipes, and leave you with roots growing across your lawn. Even if you are able to get the tree down without anyone or anything being harmed, you will be left with ugly stumps interrupting the natural beauty of your landscape.

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Safe, Efficient Tree Removal

Dead, decayed, and storm-damaged trees are more than just unsightly. They can pose a real safety risk to people and property. It is important to completely remove the tree and stump without causing additional damage. The Purple Pros are trained and equipped to perform tree removal in Fort Worth safely and effectively. We use quality equipment and best practices for safe tree removal.

In addition to removing the trees, we will:

  • Completely remove all felled branches
  • Clean up all debris
  • Grind the stumps
  • Take care of any other details to leave your yard beautiful

Our Purple Pros are detail-oriented professionals who always take the time to get the job done right and adhere to the strictest safety standards. We will evaluate your trees to determine the most effective way to bring them down safely. When the job is finished, we completely clean up the mess, so you are left with a clear space to use however you wish.

Contact us today at (817) 369-3138 for a free estimate and same-day service. 


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