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Tree trimming is a more intensive process than pruning. If you have older trees with dead limbs or tree limbs hanging over your roof, call Purple Care. Our Purple Pros use specialized equipment for safe and effective tree trimming in Fort Worth. Our locally owned company has served the tree care needs of residential and commercial properties since 1993. If you are seeking professional tree trimming services, you can trust us to take care of your yard. Our tree trimming experts use only high-quality equipment for all tree trimming or pruning services, in order to ensure that we are delivering the very best for our customers.

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The Importance of Tree Trimming

Trees with dead limbs or branches growing too close to your home or power lines can cause a safety hazard. Limbs that are too close to the house may brush the roof, resulting in shingle damage and providing direct access to your home for insects. Dead tree limbs may fall during high wind or heavy storms and cause damage to your property which is why they should be removed by a professional. We discuss the top benefits that come with professional tree trimming services in our next section below.

Tree Trimming Benefits

Tree trimming is extremely important both for the aesthetic and health of your trees. Below we list some of the top benefits that come with professional tree trimming services in Forth Worth.

  • Improves the health of your trees: The most important benefit that comes with tree trimming services is the immediate improvement that you will see in the health of your trees. Often times tree owners will prefer a large and bushy tree; however, a large tree that has not been properly trimmed will be unable to absorb essential nutrients from the soil. This lack of nutrient absorption can leave the tree sick. Our tree trimming experts will be able to trim your trees in a way that ensures optimal growth and health.
  • Grants your trees exposure to sunlight: Another important benefit that comes with tree trimming is that you are instantly granting your trees more exposure to sunlight. This increases the level of photosynthesis and improves the health of your trees overall so that they can grow.

Specialized Tree Trimming Equipment for Expert Service

While smaller limbs on some trees can be removed from the ground, limbs that are larger and higher in the tree are more challenging to remove. Specialized equipment and the right experience are required for tree trimming. Due to the risk of severe injury, this is not a job for the average homeowner or business owner.

Our Purple Pros are equipped with:

  • Long pole saws
  • Chain saws
  • Climbing equipment

Neat, tidy trees don’t happen in the wild, but they do with Purple Care. Our professionals are trained and equipped to trim trees and remove dangerous limbs. You can trust us for all of your tree trimming needs in Forth Worth and the surrounding areas. Customer success and satisfaction is our very top priority. Our team of experts have years of combined experience and use only the best tree equipment for all tree trimming services in order to ensure optimal tree health and growth. As a matter of fact, we have decades of experience and we are happy to visit your home or business to do a walk-through of your property, assess your tree trimming needs, and provide a free estimate.

Does your tree have dead branches? Are tree limbs precariously hanging over the roof of your home? Call (817) 369-3138 now or contact us online for tree trimming in Fort Worth! 

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