Spring has sprung, and it’s time for your garden to do the same! At Purple Care, we proudly provide seasonal flower beds to help your property look its best throughout the year. Keep reading for ten flowers to consider planting this spring, and remember that for all your landscaping needs, you can always count on our experts at Purple Care.

10 Flowers That Are Perfect for the Spring Season

  • Primroses: Primroses commonly show up in early spring due to their bright colors, which are often associated with Easter. Available in white, canary yellow, deep purple, and pink, these easy to take care of perennials are available in many varieties, though it is important to select a type that can make it through to the winter, if you plan to plant in spring.
  • Forsythias: The forsythia has a bright yellow bloom, perfect for letting people know that spring has arrived. Older varieties of these flowers can be leggy, so it is important to trim the shrub right after flowering, so as not to cut off next year’s buds. Newer varieties of this flower may be a better choice for smaller, more compact gardens.
  • Pansies: Pansies come in a number of bright, beautiful shades that are sure to give your garden the burst of color it needs. While they are likely to fade in the summer heat, they can survive through the winter frost, and even mild freezing, so they are great for planting in early spring.
  • Violas: Much like the pansy, violas can last through colder temperatures, making them another popular choice for early spring. Usually available in a mix of yellow and purple, these flowers have a sunny shade that’s sure to give an exuberant look to your property’s landscaping.
  • Sweet Alyssums: Sweet alyssums are a highly underrated flower choice, as they look delicate but are actually extremely tough. These small, low-growing white and purple flowers will just keep on blooming from spring till the first frosts of fall and winter, making them a solid investment for any garden.
  • Rhododendrons: The rhododendron is a sleek-looking flower, with glossy leaves that typically bloom in late spring. Available in shades of pink, peach, salmon, and purple, these flowers are available in evergreen and deciduous (shedding leaves annually) varieties, so make sure to do your research before selecting the type you want to plant.
  • Sweet Peas: An old-fashioned choice that’s ideal for annual or spring planting, sweet peas grow best in cool air, so it is always best to put them in the ground before summer arrives. With fragrant blossoms and pretty hues of pink, lavender, white, and red, you can also get sweet peas in a purplish variety that’s so dark, this variety is known as the “Black Knight.”
  • Gladiolus: In addition to getting your garden ready for spring, now is also the perfect time to plant bulbs that flower in summer. For this, we suggest the gladiolus. Available in a wide range of colors, including red, orange, purple, pale green, and deep burgundy, these colorful flowers look best when you practice staggered planting, putting new corms in the soil every 5-10 days so you can enjoy them all season long.
  • Summer Lilies: Another springtime flower that blooms in summer, the summer lily is a gorgeous bulb that matures into large, heavily perfumed flower. Available in two varieties, Oriental and Asiatic, summer lilies come in a range of springtime colors. It is important to remember, however, that the Asiatic variety is smaller, but has a thicker stem, while the Oriental kind blooms larger, but may need stakes to remain steady.
  • Hydrangeas: Every spring, garden shops receive huge shipments of hydrangeas, arriving just in time for Easter and Mother’s Day. The great thing about receiving a hydrangea for either one of these holidays? You can easily plant it in the garden and enjoy it for longer! For this type of flower, it is actually better to buy them when they are blooming, so you can choose the type and color you want to enjoy throughout the season. Available in a number of purples and pinks, as well as baby blue, it’s not hard to see why the hydrangea is such a popular choice for spring.

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