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Driveway Construction Service in Fort Worth, Arlington, Weatherford, TX & Surrounding Areas

We offer various materials for our driveways, including poured concrete, flagstone, brick, and more.

If you want to help your property make a good impression on passersby, then an equally durable and beautiful new driveway is just what you need. Fortunately, our team at Purple Care can design and build it for you! We offer a driveway construction service, which starts with a consultation to discuss your goals and aesthetic vision for this feature. You can also choose from our various material options to achieve that, some being poured concrete, brick, and flagstone. If you want to take it up a notch, we can even install landscape lighting to highlight your driveway and make it safer to use at night.

We offer our driveway construction service to homes in Fort Worth, Arlington, Weatherford, TX, and throughout the surrounding areas. Call us today at (817) 880-6052 to get started!

We start with a consultation to discuss your goals and aesthetic vision for your new driveway.

The first step of our driveway construction service is a consultation. During this initial meeting, we'll discuss your goals and aesthetic vision for your new driveway. Our team will listen closely to ensure we have a good idea of what you expect, and we'll assess the area and take any necessary measurements. Then, we'll provide some options and offer suggestions to give you the driveway of your dreams while staying within budget.

We can create a 2D or 3D design rendering so you can view your finished driveway before we begin installing it!

What materials can we use to construct your driveway?



We understand that everyone has different aesthetic preferences for their driveways, so we offer several materials you can choose from to match yours. Not only are they stunning, but they're also highly durable and long-lasting. That way, you can feel confident knowing whatever material you decide on, your driveway can endure the elements, wear and tear, and vehicle traffic while continuing to look great. Here are some of the materials we can use to construct it:

  • Plain Concrete
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Stained Concrete
  • Flagstone
  • Brick
  • Lueders

Make Your Driveway Safer to Use at Night With Our Landscape Lighting Service

While your new driveway is sure to become a focal point on your property, it'll only be visible during the day. Fortunately, that's where our landscape lighting service comes in! Our team can install low-voltage LED lighting to illuminate your driveway and increase safety when you use it at night. In addition to the functional benefits, it'll also draw attention to its beauty so that it can continue to be appreciated even after the sun goes down! What's more, our landscape lighting systems are Bluetooth-compatible, meaning you can control yours from your smartphone for optimal convenience.

Call Us Today to Schedule Our Driveway Construction Service

It's time to say goodbye to your old, average driveway and hello to a new, stunning one - with our driveway construction service! At Purple Care, we'll work tirelessly to design and install it right the first time, plus only use top-of-the-line materials to ensure it stands the test of time. With our 30 years of experience and unparalleled attention to detail, you can rely on us to exceed your expectations and yield a driveway you'll be proud of!

We offer our driveway construction service to residential property owners in Fort Worth, Arlington, Weatherford, and other nearby areas in Texas. Call us at (817) 880-6052 to schedule a consultation for this service today!