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Overseeding Service in Fort Worth, Arlington, Weatherford, TX & Surrounding Cities

We offer three different seeds for overseeding: fescue, ryegrass, and bermudagrass.

If you want to fill in bare and patchy areas on your lawn to make it thicker and denser, you've come to the right place! Our team at Purple Care offers our overseeding service to do just that, and we can use three different types of seeds: ryegrass, fescue, and bermudagrass. After we've spread them, we will apply a starter fertilizer to give them a jumpstart with essential nutrients. You can also pair this service with aeration to get the best results, as it creates the ideal environment for seed germination and root development.

We offer our overseeding service to residential and commercial properties, as well as HOAs, in Fort Worth, Arlington, Weatherford, and throughout the surrounding cities in Texas. Call us today at (817) 880-6052 to schedule!

What seeds do we use for our overseeding service?

At Purple Care, we use premium seeds to ensure excellent results from our overseeding service. The three types we offer include:

  • Ryegrass Seeds: Ryegrass seeds are known for their fast germination and establishment, growing into lush, green grass with a high cold tolerance.
  • Fescue Seeds: Fescue is highly tolerant of various conditions and stressors, such as heat, drought, wear and tear, and diseases. This durable, resilient grass type also boasts a beautiful dark green color.
  • Bermudagrass Seeds: Bermudagrass can withstand frequent foot traffic, heat, and drought, plus recover quickly from any stress. Additionally, these seeds establish rapidly, yielding a dense, strong lawn.

We'll Apply a Starter Fertilizer After Overseeding to Jumpstart the Seeds With Nutrients

After overseeding your lawn, our team wants to give the seeds the best chance to germinate and establish. Because of this, we'll apply a starter fertilizer once we've finished spreading them. This fertilizer application will provide much-needed nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, to jumpstart the seeds and encourage quicker development. That way, we increase the chances of success and yield healthy, beautiful grass in no time.

Pair Our Overseeding Service With Aeration for the Best Results

The best way to get optimal results from our overseeding service is by pairing it with aeration. Pairing these two services allows the newly planted seeds to benefit from the perfect conditions created by the aeration process. After all, it loosens compacted soil and helps resources like sunlight, oxygen, water, and nutrients reach the roots of your grass more easily. Not only does this give the seeds improved access to everything they need to germinate and develop, but it also provides excellent contact with the soil! As a result, they have an environment conducive to their growth, and you will have an equally healthy and lush, dense lawn!

We offer liquid and core aeration, both of which we can follow with overseeding.

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Do you want to achieve the thick, lush lawn of your dreams? If so, then our overseeding service is for you! At Purple Care, we have the skills and experience to perform this service right the first time, and we use only top-quality seeds to fill your turf with healthy, resilient grass growth. We've been transforming lawns since 1993, and we look forward to doing the same for yours next!

We offer our overseeding service to residential and commercial properties, along with HOAs, in Fort Worth, Arlington, Weatherford, TX, and other nearby areas. Call us today at (817) 880-6052 to sign up for this service!