Summer vs. Winter: What Pests Should I Watch Out For?

Seasonal Pest Control

Summer has arrived, and with it comes the usual promises of cookouts, pool parties, and bonfires. But nothing spoils summer fun more than the presence of nasty pests. Whether we’re talking about ants ruining your picnic or mice taking up residence in your garden it’s important to protect your property from insects and rodents to maintain a safe and healthy environment for your family and employees—and that goes for summertime and year-round. Keep reading to learn what pests you should watch out for in summer versus winter, and remember to call Purple Care for professional pest control the next time unwanted guests decide to invade your home or business.

Seasonal Pest Care 101

  • Cockroaches: In the summer, cockroaches tend to breed more because of the warm weather. This means that you may see an uptick in cockroach presence over the summer, as they are more likely to be looking for food and/or shelter. Unfortunately, however, there is no one season for cockroaches, and it is possible to find them lurking year-round, especially if you live in a warmer climate. A cockroach problem is unlikely to go away on its own, so if you see these hated bugs on your property, whether it’s winter or summer, call for pest control ASAP.
  • Bed Bugs: Like with cockroaches, there is an increased chance of bed bug problems in the summer. If the heat and humidity stay strong, it is very possible you could end up dealing with these blood-suckers from June into early or mid-fall. However, bed bugs are not seasonal in the traditional sense. They will cling to your home or business for as long as possible, meaning a bed bug infestation that started in the summer could potentially still be active when winter rolls around. It’s also virtually impossible to get rid of bed bugs on your own, so it is essential you contact an experienced pest control company as soon as you detect them on your property.
  • Ants: Although it’s possible to find ants on your commercial or residential property during the winter, these insects thrive in warmth and humidity, which is why you are far more likely to see them during the summer. Some ants are harmless, and with the right supplies, you may even be able to deal with an ant infestation on your own. At Purple Care, we specialize in dangerous fire ant control. The sting of these critters is painful, itchy, and can cause an allergic reaction in some peoples, so do not hesitate to call us if you spot them in your home or business.
  • Moles: Moles can remain active throughout the winter, though you are more likely to see them during the summer. When it gets colder, they will take shelter underground, and then rear their heads again when the sun comes out. These burrowers can cause unfortunate damage to gardens and landscaping, which is why we offer mole control to protect your exterior property.
  • Rodents: While mice and rats can take up residence in your property throughout the year, rodents are generally considered a seasonal pest problem, as they are more likely to infiltrate your property during the winter, seeking shelter when it gets cold out. When this happens, these vermin often make nests in your attic and insulation, causing a huge mess. Fortunately, Purple care is always here to take care of any rodents.
  • Fleas & Ticks: In most parts of the country, fleas and ticks are considered seasonal, and tend to be most active during the warmer months. Sadly though, in states like Texas, that have a warmer climate, ticks and fleas can remain active year-round. This is why Purple Care provides year-round flea and tick control.
  • Termites: Termites typically swarm between late winter and late spring, when it is rainiest out. Although they can be considered a seasonal pest in this sense, it is a good idea to give us a call to see if you need termite control anytime your property has experienced issues like water damage or dry rot.
  • Mosquitos: Mosquitos are one of the ultimate seasonal pests, though depending on where you live, that season may vary. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, for instance, mosquito season is actually the springtime, when the heavy rains set in. But because mosquitos are attracted to moisture in addition to humidity, they can stay active throughout the summer and even into the fall. Bottom line: there’s no wrong time to call Purple care to get rid of mosquitos.
  • Grubs: Grubs are the larva that turn into insects. It is common to find them in gardens, or just below the surface of your property’s soil. While they may not be fully grown insects, grubs can dry up your property’s ecosystem and cause a lot of damage, so you should still call a pest control professional to get rid of them.

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