Keeping Your Lawn Healthy in Cold Weather

grass with frost

Maintaining a Green Lawn When the Temperature Drops

You take good care of your lawn, and you want that to be obvious to anyone who looks at it. But during certain times of the year, it can seem that no matter what you do, your lawn looks dried-out and brown due to cold weather. With fall upon us and winter fast approaching, we asked our lawn care experts what you should do to ensure your yard continues to thrive 265 days a year.

Keep Your Usual Routine for As Long as Possible

Continue mowing and watering your lawn as usual up until it stops growing. This will ensure that your lawn is at it’s healthiest when low temperatures start to affect it. Additionally, make sure that fallen leaves aren’t smothering your lawn, and that the grass isn’t cut too short. Your grass has adapted its own protections against chill, and you don’t want those cut away or covered by leaves.

Give Your Lawn the Protections it Needs

Take some extra time this fall to “winterize” your lawn and ensure it has an extra store of nutrients to draw on during the winter. You can find a specialized fertilizer in most hardware stores to help you with this task. These fertilizers may require you to identify the type of grass you have for the best results, so if you don’t know, ask a professional to help you figure it out.

What to Do Once Winter Hits

One the cold weather arrives, you’ll need to make adjustments to your landscaping routine. These adjustments can keep nutrients inside your soul and keep your grass looking green and healthy.

Use These Simple Lawn Care Tricks:

  • Keep weeds and leaves under control
  • Watch out for pests
  • Let your lawn aerate
  • Water for shorter, more infrequent periods

If you need help caring for your lawn this winter, or making sure it’s protected this fall, call (817) 369-3138 to consult with our professional landscaping team!