The holidays are right around the corner, and no matter what your reason for the season is, you can bet that setting up holiday lights and decor will be a big part of the preparations.

Why should you hire a professional holiday light installer?

Should you consider professional holiday lighting services for your home or business? Keep reading to learn how we can help you turn your property into a winter wonderland!

Keeping Your Family Safe This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for joy and cheer, and while hanging lights around your home can be a fun family tradition, but it can also lead to safety hazards. The CDC found that during the 2000-2003 holiday seasons (defined as November 1 through January 31), there were approximately 5,800 injuries related to decorating—43% of these injuries resulted from falls from ladders.

Professional Holiday Lighting Service From Start To Finish

When you hire Purple Care for your holiday lighting needs, you can rest easy knowing our team covers the process from the beginning of the season until the end. We start with a free estimate for your decor, after which we’ll work with you to create a design that will make your home or business the talk of the town! After the design is complete, we’ll get to work renting and installing your lighting and decor, as discussed.

Once the season ends, our team will take everything down and store it safely for you until next year!

A Wide Range Of Holiday Decor Installation Options

Our team comes equipped with all the tools, technology, and training needed to turn your holiday decor dreams into reality. We offer:

  • All LED, eco-friendly, color-changing lights
  • Lawn décor
  • Custom-cut lights designed to fit your home or business perfectly
  • Lawn lighting
  • Fully customized lighting systems
  • Roof lining
  • Permanent and temporary lighting installations
  • Garland and wreath installations

No matter how you envision your holiday decor, our crew can make it happen—with no work on your part!

Contact our team online or by phone at (817) 880-6052 to get your free estimate and speak with one of the Purple Pros about your vision for a winter wonderland!