Even though the natural moisture in spring can help preserve the freshness of the lawn, it’s important to do your share as a homeowner and keep up the maintenance of the curb appeal. Before hiring a professional landscaping service, try your hand at figuring out your lawn care issues and take pride in your work.

1: Take care of any uneven ground

If your grass is pretty neatly kept, you may not need to do much. However, it’s important to take a look at the unevenness of the ground and grass around your home as it can show you areas that show signs of poor drainage. Having sewage backed up into your yard is a costly fix, and being able to pin point this before it gets worse is crucial. Any low spots within your yard can cause this type of drainage and can also create dead areas for grass. By taking a shovel and removing excess soil from high places to fill in the lower areas, you can prevent future draining problems from arising.

2: Soil compaction and overgrown weed prevention

If you have a lot of traffic a midst your lawn, you may see soil compaction. This is when there is so much pressure over time that the soil becomes packed quite tightly. This prevents grass from growing through root issues, allowing weeds to overtake the area. Weed control can easily be done through the use of an aerator. Homeowners who host a lot of parties or family nights outside may see this more often than ones who don’t use their yard much at all.

3: Control your lawn grub

This may sound like food, but in reality, it’s a small type of insect that lives underneath the soil and can cause issues with grass and flowers. Pest control is half of the battle with landscaping as we’re taking from the natural homes of creatures. In order for grub control to be successful, one must purchase a spike sandal. Before using the spike sandal on the lawn, you must water the area first. Twenty-four hours later, place the spike sandal down and you’ll be able to see the grub population reduce by over half through this effective grub treatment.

Curb appeal isn’t everything

Unfortunately, we can’t always worry about the vain issues on the outside of our homes. We have to prioritize worrying about the integrity of the lawn around and keep up with the maintenance that comes along with home ownership. By following the three tips listed above, you can reduce the growing of weeds, effectively use the grub treatment in Fort Worth to reduce grub, and prevent draining issues in the future due to uneven ground.