Mosquitoes are common nuisances in Texas, but there are ways to mitigate their presence on your property! To effectively reduce mosquitoes, you'll want to remove debris that can serve as shelter from the elements. You should also ensure your gutters are not clogged, as they can collect debris and stagnant water, creating an ideal environment for mosquitoes to live and breed. Additionally, remove standing water from dog bowls, bird baths, and kiddie pools, as mosquitoes require standing water to breed. However, while these steps can reduce their numbers, the best way to control them is by signing up for a professional mosquito control service, which comes with consistent and effective treatments throughout the active mosquito season.

1. Remove debris from your property.

A worker in Fort Worth, TX, pushing down debris in a wheelbarrow.

An effective way to keep mosquitoes at bay is by removing any debris from your property that may attract them. Mosquitoes are particularly drawn to areas with leaf piles, grass clippings, sticks, twigs, and other debris build-up, as these provide them with shelter from the sun and protection from the wind. By clearing away debris and cutting back vegetation, you eliminate potential mosquito habitats, making your property less inviting to these pesky insects. This way, you can enjoy your time outdoors without having to worry about getting bitten by mosquitoes.

2. Make sure your gutters aren't clogged.

To keep mosquitoes away from your property, it's important to not only clear out any debris lying around but also ensure that your gutters aren't clogged. This is because clogged gutters can create a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, as they tend to accumulate standing water. Additionally, if your gutters are filled with debris, it can provide an ideal habitat for mosquitoes to thrive in. Therefore, it's important to regularly clean out your gutters to prevent any potential mosquito infestations and ensure you can enjoy your outdoor space.

3. Remove standing water.

Mosquitoes require standing water to breed. By eliminating standing water, you reduce their breeding sites, prompting them to seek other areas with more suitable conditions. Standing water is characterized by stagnant water sources around your property, including:

  • Dog bowls
  • Bird baths
  • Kiddie pools
  • And more!

If you are unable to remove standing water, such as a pond, you can invest in a bubbler to keep the water moving and prevent it from becoming stagnant.

4. Sign up for a professional mosquito control service.

Mosquito service professional spraying insecticide around a property in Fort Worth, TX.

Signing up for a professional mosquito control service can significantly reduce the mosquito population on your property. Professionals are equipped with the tools, products, and experience needed to effectively tackle mosquito infestations. They understand the behavior of mosquitoes and can target their breeding and resting areas to minimize their numbers. Additionally, professional mosquito control services come with regular treatments, ensuring consistent and overlapping coverage to maintain low mosquito levels on your property. This proactive approach can help you enjoy your outdoor space more comfortably and reduce the risk of mosquito-borne diseases.

Pros will usually visit your property multiple times during the active mosquito season, which is from March until November, to apply their mosquito control treatments.

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There's nothing worse than the relentless buzz of mosquitoes when all you want to do is relax and enjoy your outdoor space. Our team at Purple Care offers a mosquito control service so that you can enjoy your outside space itch-free. We apply a highly effective insecticide using a backpack mist blower around areas of your property where mosquitoes gather, like tall grass, flower beds, shrubs, and even the underside of your deck. Any space that these pests use to rest or breed, we target it! We also reapply monthly or bi-monthly from March until November to ensure no lapse in coverage when you need it most.

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