When it comes to having a healthy lawn it is important to understand what will help keep it that way throughout the entire year. When it comes to your lawn care we have put together a few tips to help keep your lawn green, thick and healthy in North Texas.

1. Fertilizer

Make sure you are using the correct fertilizer. When deciding which product to use, you must factor in time of year, soil temperatures, moisture and grass type.

2. Healthy turf

Having healthy turf is more important than weed control. If your grass is healthy it will naturally control the weeds and it requires less herbicide that control weeds and also sets grass back.

3. Water correctly

Typically twice a week is more than enough if your timer is set on the appropriate time. Please take note of the type of heads you have and the contour of your lawn for the correct amount of time to water.

4. Ask for help

If you don’t know exactly what you are doing….it’s OK use a professional or ask for help. Use a local company that knows your grass type, constantly monitors soil temperatures, can identify weeds, and can apply the correct amount of fertilizer and weed control to your turf. Remember, in lawn care…… more is not better.

5. Grass Cutting

Cut your grass at the appropriate height and don’t wait to cut every two weeks during peak growing season. You may be cutting too much off the grass blade.

Whether you are looking to address or help improve your lawn maintenance, Purple Care has the professional team to get your lawn where it needs to be. Our landscape design service in Fort Worth can help bring new life to your home. Contact us today and we can help with all of your landscaping needs.