With the Coronavirus still raging across the country, it is important that you continue to practice proper cleaning and disinfecting habits. Here at Purple Care, we are proud to offer professional sanitization service for when your home or business needs extra protection. In the meantime, check out this list of five high-touch surfaces you should always remember to clean.

Surfaces You May be Forgetting to Clean Include:

  • Your Steering Wheel: If you drive every day, that means you spend a lot of time with your hands on the steering wheel. It’s a good idea to wipe down anything in your car that you touch often, though you should be particularly careful to wipe down the steering wheel, as you likely touch this component of your vehicle more than any other.
  • Your Toilet Handle: Of course, cleaning your whole toilet is a good idea. But too often, people neglect the handle. Think of this as the doorknob of your toilet—given how many times it gets touched a day, it only makes sense to wipe it down often.
  • Your Phone, Wallet & Keys: Phone, wallet, and keys are the three things most people leave the house with. Given how much time they spend out in the world, it is always a good idea to wipe them down when you get back home. This also applies to purses, credit cards, and anything else you regularly leave the house with and handle in the outside world.
  • Your Game Controllers: You may already be wiping down your remotes, but if you are a gamer, the same level of hygiene should apply to any controllers in the house.
  • Your Glasses: That’s right! “But I already clean my glasses regularly,” you may be thinking. True, but how are you cleaning them, is the question. If you are only using a dry cloth or – even worse, your shirt – you will want to upgrade to an approved spray or wet wipes (never use a harsh cleaning product with chemicals that could harm the lenses, of course.) If you are cleaning your classes at home, you can also use dish soap, hot water, and a soft rag.

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