A pristine green lawn is the envy of every homeowner. Yet how does one keep a lawn so perfectly landscaped? Weeds are one of the most dangerous enemies of the perfect green plot of land. Discover a few ways that will ensure your landscaping efforts will be fruitful with our weed control tips.

1. Know Thy Enemy

The first step to weed control in Fort Worth is to find out what kind of weeds you’re dealing with. Just like plants in your garden, weeds grow annually or perennially. Annual weeds generally show up in your yard in the summertime. They hang out in the summer sun and are eradicated by frosty conditions by autumn. They have the same cycle every year. They grow in the summer and die in the fall. Perennial weeds (like perennial flowers) are the weeds that just keep coming back – year after year. These are the weeds you end up spending hours trying to kill to ensure they don’t haunt you.

2. Water Your Lawn, Appropriately

Your lawn needs about an inch of water per week. If you water your lawn less, it could wither and die. If you water your lawn more, it can attract weeds that could flourish and kill your lawn. How do you know how much water your lawn gets? Make your own rain gauge. Set a small dish on your lawn, and check the dish every day. Once the dish fills up with an inch of water, your lawn has had enough for the week. Just make sure pets or wild animals can’t get to your water dish. Also be careful to keep the dish in the shade. The sun could evaporate the water and ruin your results.

3. Be a Weed Whisperer

If your lawn is healthy, your weeds will wither away – sort of. Think of your lawn like the human body. Says your body is healthy, you exercise regularly, eat right and get enough sleep. Your chance of cancer is lessened because you take care of yourself. The same goes with your lawn and weeds. Weeds just love to find a weak lawn to attack. Keep your lawn free of weeds by keeping an eye on them and keeping your lawn healthy.

4. Eradicate from the Ground Up

What happens when you find a weed? Do you cut it or pull it? Lawn experts know that the roots must eradicate weeds. If the roots remain in the ground, the weeds will remain on your lawn. Make sure you get rid of roots by using a pointed spade or shovel to get rid of weeds. Dig the shovel deep into the ground to loosen the roots from the soil. Pull up the weed from the base to make sure the roots don’t break away from the stems, or you might lose some of the roots in the soil.

5. Chemical Solutions

What happens when you’ve tried everything else, and the weeds just keep coming back? It might be time to find some serious help. Fertilization can help you clear weeds from your lawn and ensure they don’t come back to haunt you. The biggest challenge with weed chemicals is to use them sparingly enough so that you don’t take your lawn down with the weeds. The most efficient and fast way to kill weeds is with chemicals. You also need to find out what kinds of weed killer you need (depending on how much weed is in your lawn).

Keeping your lawn in perfect condition doesn’t mean you need to eat, sleep and breathe green grass. Manage your lawn with these simple tricks that will ensure your neighbors will be green with envy.