Our homes have never been more important than they have been this past year. Many homeowners are investing more money into their homes and landscapes to better create sanctuaries and relaxing spaces.

Choosing to redo or re-envision your landscape can be daunting, but it's easy to pull features and inspiration from existing designs to create your dream yard. Which of these creative designs speaks the most to you?

Gorgeous Greenery

Design by Zito Landscape Design, Inc. in Miami

Green is the new black. This pond is well-suited for Miami's climate and terrain, but the addition of reeds and lilypads give this space an English countryside vibe.

Design by Garden Gate Landscaping in Washington, DC

This yard gives us Stonehenge vibes, but this space is perfect for taking a moment for yourself to unwind.

Design by Landscapes W.A. in Australia

What's not to love about this pool? The leaves overhead give this area a more natural feel despite the small space.

Scenic Stonework

Stonework is a great choice for landscape design in Texas. Once the summer heat hits, having a drought-tolerant landscape can save you time and money.

Design by Desert Foothills Landscape in Arizona

This landscape design focuses on cacti and shrubs that retain water—making it simpler to care for and tend to throughout the year.

Design by Donald Pell - Gardens in Pennsylvania

This firepit design may focus on entertaining, but the stonework for the retaining wall adds a more natural transition to the wild landscape beyond.

Design by Rosalia Sanni Design LLC in New York

This modern farmhouse aesthetic looks like it's right out of a magazine. This design is a great inspiration for a family fire pit—there's space for everyone!

Purple Care Helps You Connect With Nature

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