Having lush beautiful grass season after season is ideal, but unfortunately just not possible without proper lawn treatment. Whether you employ a lawn service or go the DIY route, following some lawn treatment fundamentals will ensure that your grass stays healthy and green year after year.

Having a great looking lawn isn’t just purely about aesthetics. A great lawn can also substantially increase or preserve the value of your home.

With that in mind, it is very important to keep your lawn nice with routine treatment steps, otherwise, you will have loads more work to do in the future in order to get your lawn to even a moderate level of health.

It’s far better to keep it looking great today rather than letting it go under maintained and accumulate damage that you’ll be forced to deal with in the future.

Top 5 Lawn Care Maintenance Tips

1. Grass Aeration

This is probably one of the most effective techniques used to keep your grass looking healthy year after year. It also happens to be one of the least commonly used techniques amongst homeowners.

The reason homeowners fail to properly aerate their lawns is that they typically do not have the proper aeration tools necessary to perform the task.

This is where hiring a lawn service might be a good strategy. Any landscaping service can come out and aerate your lawn regularly for an extremely affordable rate.

By making small holes into the surface of your grass, this allows nutrients to flow more readily to the roots, as well as allowing more oxygen to flow into the soil.

Soil becomes compacted over time and aeration can reverse this effect and breathe life back into your grass.

2. Feed Your Grass

As any Fort Worth lawn care service will tell you, feeding your grass regularly can make a world of difference to its overall health and appearance.

If you’re not applying fertilizer to your lawn at least once per season, then chances are your grass isn’t as green as it could be, or it’s possible that it’s no longer even green at all.

Without giving your grass access to a fresh supply of nutrients regularly, the grass will slowly become undernourished as the yard soil just doesn’t possess enough nutrients for the grass to stay healthy perpetually.

Undernourished grass will become thin, frail, and pale in color. Ask a Fort Worth lawn care professional in your area how to properly feed your grass.

3. Proper Lawn Mowing Techniques

If you ask an expert, such as a Fort Worth landscape design professional, they will all tell you that there are basic rules that everyone should follow when it comes to mowing your grass.

The first tip is to always make sure that your mower has a sharp blade, as this will ensure that the grass is cut evenly and cleanly

A dull blade can shred the grass instead of cutting it, leaving it more prone to infectious disease that can kill or badly damage the grass. The second most important tip to cutting your grass is to make sure that you never cut your grass when it is wet.

Cutting your grass when it is wet will prevent the mower’s blade from cutting the grass properly, pulling it out or shredding it instead.

Ask a local Fort Worth landscape design specialist to inspect your grass for further care and maintenance tips to keep it looking healthy year round.

4. Properly Watering Your Lawn

Sadly, just running a sprinkler at any time of the day is not a sufficient lawn watering technique. If you ask a Fort Worth lawn maintenance specialist about the best strategy for watering your lawn, they’ll tell you to always water in the evening and never over water.

By watering in the evening more liquid will seep into the soil and grass roots, rather than it evaporating on contact during a hot summer day. Standing water can also act as a magnifying glass, burning your grass if bright hot sunlight shines through it during a hot summer day.

You also only want to water your grass until it is slightly damp; never flood your grass as this can kill the grass and damage the soil. Fort Worth lawn maintenance personnel can help you with any lawn watering tips that you feel you might need.

5. Regular Lawn Dethatching

What is great about employing Fort Worth landscapers is that they have all of the necessary tools needed to properly dethatch a lawn. Dethatching involves the removal of dead grass and overgrown grass roots, something that if left unchecked can build up over time and suffocate your grass.

Fort Worth landscapers have small rollers or special rakes that they use to scrape away the dead grass and overgrown roots only, while leaving your healthy grass and grass structures in place.

Once a whole dethatching process has concluded, you will immediately begin to notice that your grass starts to take on a much more vibrant appearance.

If you don’t dethatch your lawn then chances are your grass is yellowish green, yellow, or totally brown and unhealthy.