Thank goodness for automated lawn irrigation systems. Springtime is finally shining down on north Texas homes, so it’s time toturn on your sprinklers and let them take care of the grass, gardens and trees. Before you fire up that trusty network for another long, hot summer, make sure it’s up to the job.

What Could Go Wrong?

Those sprinkler systems in Fort Worth yards operate on simple irrigation principles, but even basic setups need regular attention. A small pipe leak soaks turf and makes your lawn vulnerable to pests and disease. Faulty valves and backflow preventers add to the pollution while your monthly water bill creeps higher. Those sprinkler heads might look like they’re doing a great job, but clogs and pressure problems turn them into geysers that waste more than they deliver. The advantages of an automated network evaporate when some areas stay dry, others get soaked and water pools around your foundation and sidewalks.

Where Do You Start?

It’s important to identify irrigation problems before the system starts its seasonal work, so make sprinkler checkup a routine part of springtime yard duties. If you have a zoned irrigation system, test each area individually. Are sprinkler heads covering targets with correct rotation? Clogged filters and dirty bearings interfere with focused watering. Does your network rely on a main controller? Winter temperatures can compromise its circuitry, and batteries need yearly replacement. Once you’ve given the grass a good watering, inspect it the next day with an eye for soggy turf that gives away underground leaks.

Do Inspections Pay Off?

Whether you have a simple residential setup or a precisely controlled irrigation network covering several acres, the equipment eventually needs maintenance. A springtime inspection keeps you ahead of expensive repairs and protects your investment in both the sprinkler system and your landscape. Most installations include a warranty, but ignoring equipment problems can void the coverage. DIY inspections make a big difference, and you can always call in lawn care professionals to save time, address repairs right away and even upgrade your system or controller with special spring maintenance deals.

If your home irrigation system needs professional attention, we’re happy to help. Purple Care brings more than 20 years of experience to every project from installations to tune-ups and repairs. We handle commercial and rural properties throughout the greater Fort Worth area too, so just give our friendly staff a call!