Did you know the secret to a lovely green spring lawn involves hard work performed during the Fall season? Ask Purple Care to help you implement a fertilizing program now for keeping your lawn in the Fort Worth area healthy throughout the entire year! You’ll appreciate the beautiful results.

Successful Lawn Fertilizing

Although most homeowners prize the appearance of a verdant, healthy green lawn, many lack the expertise to create an effective winterizing program without relying upon landscaping professionals. In this part of Texas, hot summer weather often parches yards. High temperatures and blistering sun can transform grass into yellow, withering patches of yellowish-brown vegetation.

Consider giving your lawn a boost this fall by asking Purple Care to develop a customized Fort Worth lawn fertilization program for your residential property. We’ll help your grass obtain the essential nutrients required to survive winter months successfully and enjoy vigorous spring growth. By taking action now, we’ll help you achieve a lovely, healthier lawn next year. You’ll notice the difference our fertilizing program makes when you examine the quality of your yard after just a few months of our work!

Promoting Robust Growth

Today, commercial preparations for lawn fertilization typically provide information in the form of three numbers, such as “10-10-10” or “30-0-0”, etc.,…These formulas record the varying amounts of three key ingredients: Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. These elements act like vitamins, supporting the healthy development of grass plants and helping them ward off disease conditions:

  • Nitrogen contributes to the thickness and brilliant color of grasses and promotes vigorous growth and root systems;
  • Phosphorous assists early roots and shoot growth;
  • Potassium promotes root development also and helps plants overcome the stress of winter.

Since individual soils sometimes differ widely in composition from one location to another, experts recommend testing your yard before applying soil amendments. Your Fort Worth lawn care will require individualized attention. A single formulation does not fit every situation in terms of nourishing vigorous lawns! Purple Care ensures our customers obtain the correct formulations in every part of the yard to foster healthy plant growth.

Lawn Fertilizing Time Tables

The timetable for lawn fertilization also matters in terms of establishing healthy growth patterns. In our area, we recommend applying amendments to lawns when shoot growth slows and the need for regular lawn mowing increases from one week to 10-to-14 day cycles.

Cooler temperatures, shorter days and high light intensity enable additives such as Nitrogen to produce an optimal impact at this time.

By undertaking fertilization at the best times of year, you’ll contribute benefits to grass plants as they prepare to endure the challenging winter lawn care season.

Plants, including grasses, absorb light and through the process of photosynthesis transform this energy into useful carbohydrates. They perform a valuable service for humans and animals by releasing Oxygen into the environment.

Implementing an effective program to fertilize and nourish grasses at exactly the right time contributes to the production of thick, rich lawns in our area. Purple Care assists homeowners and businesses in this community by conducting a regular, ongoing winterizer program to promote overall lawn health.

Specialized Tools and Equipment

Today, a wide variety of useful tools exist to help perform lawn fertilization. A drop spreader (or a broadcast spreader) frequently plays and important role in the process of distributing soil amendments effectively throughout the yard. Soil composition and the availability of shade may influence the quantity of fertilizing products applied within specific sections of the lawn.

Purple Care has provided reliable lawn care in Fort Worth, Arlington, Hurst, Bedford, and Euless to customers in our area for two decades. We carry many landscaping and nursery supplies. Also, we’ve invested in the specialized tools and equipment required for large-scale fertilization and grounds maintenance projects. When you seek assistance from local lawn care experts, call us at (817) 880-6052 for support!