Attractive well-crafted landscaping can have a tremendous impact on the current and future market value of a home. Terraced levels, bordered gardens and flowerbeds and a few carefully selected plants boost property value, enhance curb appeal and allow home and property owners to enjoy a more attractive outdoor area.

The resources and assistance of a professional landscape service may prove to be a key asset for ensuring owners can more easily find prospective buyers willing to meet their asking price. Creating the perfect lawn or making even minor improvements to your property can make a much bigger difference than many homeowners might realize.

Protecting Property Values

Owning a home is often a significant investment. Property owners who fail to keep up with basic maintenance or who overlook opportunities to enhance the value of their home or overlook the improvement and renovation efforts that can make the greatest difference may be making a very costly mistake. Professional landscaping can provide as much as a 12 percent* increase in market value. Doing no more than mowing and trimming could end up costing homeowners thousands when the time comes to list their property or close the deal.

Xeriscaping, Water Conservation and Lowering Utility Costs

Xeriscaping** or selecting local plants that may require little additional moisture can play an important role in helping to reduce utility costs. While larger lawns and more lavish designs can help to increase property values, options that may involve more expensive maintenance and upkeep can turn off many prospective buyers. A greener, more energy-efficient and more sustainable outdoor environment can enhance the market value of a home while ensuring that higher utility and watering costs are less likely to create problems. Even a few simple changes and additions to an outdoor area can reduce the volume of water needed to keep plants looking their best.

Planning for the Future

Landscape designs that look great now can change over time. Natural soil erosion, plant growth and other issues can radically alter the aesthetic of an outdoor area, especially those that have been poorly created or designed. Planning ahead for the future and selecting a layout that will only improve with age will ensure that an unsightly or sloppy exterior environment does not become an issue. Seeking professional advice and selecting alterations, additions and plants that will continue to add value to a property in the coming decades is often very worthwhile.

Landscape Design on a Budget

Major home renovations and improvement projects often come with considerable costs. For homeowners who are working with a fixed or limited budget and real-estate investors who are seeking to maximize their profits would do well to find cost-effective solutions. While many property owners may be tempted to tackle the job themselves in an effort to keep costs low, the higher quality results that only a professional landscape service may be able to provide would be worth investing in. Those who are able to sell their homes for a better price can often recoup the relatively small cost of such services.

Doing Business With the Best

Your home is a valuable asset and only the best service providers may be able to assist you in your efforts to protect and enhance its value. From routine lawn care and maintenance to the most ambitious additions and changes to your exterior environment, it pays to do business with the best. Lesser services, contractors and providers who may not be able to do the job to your satisfaction or ensure the best quality results could end up costing you thousands of dollars when the time comes to sell your home.