If you live anywhere in North Texas, you know that along with its beautiful recreation spots, terrific people, and good food it is well-known for experiencing incredibly hot weather for much of the year.

This is why homeowners have to be extremely diligent about protecting their lawns, decorative shrubs and trees during the summer. In particular, they should always make an extra effort to keep these plants well hydrated.

Underground Irrigation

Landscape services provided by a professional make maintaining your landscape much easier.

While many homeowners will try handling the landscape problem themselves with garden hoses or small, limited sprinkler systems, it’s much smarter and far more effective to turn to someone with years of experience dealing with these hot conditions. By burying hoses or pipes, underground irrigation delivers water to gardens and lawns. Underground irrigation can take the form of irrigation hoses, drip irrigation, or sprinkler systems. When installing an irrigation system, many people hire irrigation companies to do the work for them instead of doing it themselves. Purple Care is here to help.

A professionally installed irrigation system can ensure that your landscape will get a regular and complete watering when it needs it most.

But irrigation systems are much more than just a way to provide badly needed water for your Arlington landscape or your Fort Worth lawn.

When properly installed and used, these systems represent a full water management approach that offers effective, regularly scheduled irrigation during hot weather while still conserving scarce water as efficiently as possible.

This provides significant water use savings throughout the year and also helps to protect a precious community resource.

Advantages of a Professional Installation

Trying to effectively irrigate a landscape using small sprinklers or a garden hose or some combination of both. It will inevitably result in wasting a lot of water and money.

The key advantage of a professionally installed irrigation system is its remarkable efficiency. Small sprinklers and garden hoses have to be constantly positioned throughout the day to guarantee that every part of your yard is properly hydrated and to avoid overwatering a particular spot.

This uses up both time and energy, all while you’re standing outside in the middle of a Texas summer.

Another problem with small sprinklers and garden hoses is that this constant position changing of both can result in excessive wear and tear on these components, meaning they have to be replaced or repaired much more frequently than a high-quality irrigation system made from far more durable parts that don’t have to be moved around.

Savings of a Professional System

In addition to reducing the amount of water that you waste in watering your lawn and landscape overall, a professionally installed sprinkler system also helps you avoid damaging your plants by either over watering them or under watering them.

This, in turn, saves you money by not having to replace expensive shrubs, trees and other plants that don’t survive the hot Texas weather.

By installing a high-quality sprinkler system for your home, you are ensuring the vitality and longevity of your lawns and landscape plants by providing adequate hydration.

Another benefit to installing a professional irrigation system is that the technician who installs it can later be called upon for any sprinkler system repair or modifications that might be needed in the future.

In addition, over the years you can ask this professional to test your current system to ensure it is still operating efficiently.

But whether you need a new system installed, maintenance on your existing system or you just have further questions on the topic, Xtreme Lawn Care and its experienced staff will be more than happy to help you protect your yard from this year’s blistering heat.