Now that the temperatures are cooling, it is easy to set aside thoughts of your yard and garden. However, fall is an important season to implement planting. There are a wide variety of fall planting benefits that make this season the perfect season for gardening. Some of these benefits are:

Why Planting in the Fall is Important

  • Moist Soil: It is easier to keep your soil moist during the cooler months. And it does not require as much watering as summer does.
  • Warm Soil: In the spring roots cannot take hold until the ground warms up. In the fall, though outside temperatures are lower, the soil is actually still warm from the summer months.
  • Sales: Another benefit to fall planting is the ability to find wonderful gardening sales. Many gardening departments begin to phase out their supplies leading you to yard savings.

What to Plant

If you are ready to begin your fall planting now that the benefits are apparent, consider the following plants which are ideal to incorporate during the autumn months.

  • Trees & Shrubs: If you are looking to upgrade your landscaping with new trees and shrubbery, consider planting in the fall. The new growth will appreciate the warm soil. It is important to keep them moist which will be easier to do during the fall months. They will have time to take hold before they go dormant for the winter.
  • Spring Bulbs: April showers bring May flowers, but only if they were planted at the proper time. Spring flowers that come from a bulb root, such as tulips, require planting in the fall. They need a time of dormancy during the winter to bloom properly. Purchase your spring bulbs now to be prepared for the upcoming season.
  • Grass: If your lawn needs some TLC, now is the time to re-seed the lawn. Grass can take hold during the cooler months and will be well established by spring.

If you need any assistance with preparing your lawn and garden for fall, give us a call at Purple Care. We will be happy to help you with your fall planting.