If you look around North Texas, you will likely find that a number of different yards have lawns composed of Bermuda grass. Bermuda is immensely popular throughout our area because it has a number of characteristics and qualities that make it ideal for our local climate. However, what are these characteristics and why should you specifically consider installing this type of grass in your yard (either by seeding or sod)? Our blog has the answer to this question and will hopefully help you better understand why you should consider putting this type of grass into your yard.

Bermuda Is a Warm Season Grass

North Texas is known for a climate that can go from one extreme to the other, and can often do both over the span of no more than a few days. However, we are far better known for our long stretches of extreme heat, sweltering humidity, and brutal sunlight than our freezing cold temperatures. Our warm season is long and brutal, while our winters tend to be short and variable. Therefore, warm-season grasses are by far the preferable choice.

Bermuda is one such type of warm-season grass. That means it tends to thrive well in high temperatures with long hours of direct sunlight, as is the case with most yards in North Texas. This is one reason why your grass might be thinner in shaded areas around a large tree trunk, but the rest of your lawn will be a vibrant and bright shade of green all summer long, even with hours of scorching sunlight.

Bermuda Is Temperature Tolerant

With bright sunlight comes hour after hour of scorching, dry temperatures all summer long. For more delicate species of grasses, these conditions could be far too difficult to survive in, particularly if they don’t have an abundance of water they can use to remain hydrated. However, this isn’t a problem for Bermuda.

Bermuda grass grows an extra-thick canopy that allows it to better-shade its roots to prevent moisture loss due to increased evaporation from sunlight. And likewise, its thicker canopy makes it much more adept at competing with and even overpowering weeds and other intrusive species that may try to take root and compete for resources like soil nutrients and water.

Bermuda Grows Adapts to Many Types of Difficult Soils

North Texas is notorious for having a particularly difficult type of soil to grow things in, particularly plants and other organisms that are more delicate or need nutrient-rich soil. Our clay-heavy dirt requires sturdy roots and a hardy nature to overcome this type of difficult challenge. Hard, heavy, and clay-filled soil is no problem for Bermuda grass.

Bermuda also possesses a great tolerance for other potentially deal-breaking soil factors for other types of grasses. For example, soils that are high in salts will often kill just about anything that is planted in them, often making land along coastlines not the greatest for agricultural purposes. Instead, Bermuda grass often does well in a wide variety of different types of soils, including soils that may not be as nutrient-rich as others. For this reason, it is capable of growing almost anywhere, and that makes it a popular choice for a wide variety of properties.

Bermuda Is Durable to Weeds & Foot Traffic

Finally, Bermuda is also an extremely resilient species of grass when it comes to how it is used. Do you have young children who love to run around and play? Do you enjoy improving your golf game by practicing your chipping on your back lawn? Do you have a pet that needs a place to relieve itself? Do you plan on hosting parties that will take place on your back patio? Bermuda is capable of handling all of this and more.

Because this type of grass is thick, durable, and sturdy, it will quickly recover from heavy amounts of foot traffic, divots, and plenty of other problems in as little as a few days to roughly about a week. And because different types of Bermuda can be specialized for different purposes, it is able to grow in a wide variety of high-traffic uses. For example, Bermuda makes a great surface for a soccer or baseball field, and many golf courses around the area make use of it due to its ability to develop challenging yet balanced greens and fairways with much lower water and maintenance requirements.

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