Does your property struggle with a bug problem? Whether you’re sick of bugs getting into your house or you’re tired of constantly battling against the damage bugs can cause in your yard, perimeter pest control can make a significant difference in your quality of life. However, while applying a pest product from a home improvement store may seem like a simple task, many people find that their pest prevention measures are actually failing them.

Here are four reasons why your landscape pest control may not be working as you might have hoped and what you can do to try and rectify the problem.

You Are Using the Wrong Product

There are tons of different products on the market that are designed to target and prevent pest issues from popping up in your yard. Some are simple and straightforward while others are a bit more complex. Some are designed to specifically target one type of pest like ants or termites while others are a more all-encompassing formula. Some pest products are liquid and need to be applied via sprayer while others are granules that need to be spread over a wide area.

All of that can be overwhelming, and that’s one reason why your pest prevention methods are not working. The simple answer may be that the product you chose isn’t designed to target the pests that are causing your issue. For example, a product that treats your lawn for ants may not actually take care of crickets, grasshoppers, roaches, or other insects that might be intruding on your house or eating the plants in your garden. Be sure to carefully read the guide on any product to find out what it treats for before making any purchase.

You Aren’t Applying the Product Properly

On a similar note to using the wrong product, many people buy a good product but still don’t see results because they do not apply it properly. The instructions on any package are vital for your success, and every product will need to be applied in its own way for best results. For example, granulated pest treatment products can generally be applied with a spreader, but that spreader needs to be set properly so that the right amount of product goes over the right area of your yard. Furthermore, some granule products need to be watered immediately after application in order for them to start to work.

Liquid products are quite a bit different. Some liquid pest control products come pre-diluted and mixed while the easiest ones come in a sprayer bottle that you simply squeeze and spray. Other products may come in a concentrated form that needs to be diluted with the proper amount of water and then applied using a sprayer. Sprayer bottles are not expensive and most have decals on them that show you exactly how much water to add for the proper diluting ratio. However, this does leave room for error if you are careless and either over or under-dilute it. Furthermore, many liquid products can take a day or two to start working properly and your lawn or garden need to remain dry during that stretch for them to fully take effect. Should you forget to shut off your sprinklers or the weather take a rainy turn, the product may have simply washed away.

You Aren’t Treating Around Your Foundation

Where you treat is as important as how you treat. You might do everything perfectly with the best product on the market, but if it doesn’t treat the right area of your property, pests are still going to run rampant. For those who are struggling with pests in their home, that means treating immediately up to your foundation.

Many people often misconstrue “perimeter” pest control to mean targeting spots in the area around a home, but the truth is that most pest control treatments are only effective when applied for a radius leading away from your home. We typically advise treating your entire property, but at the very least you should aim for at least 10 feet away from your foundation in all directions. Larger areas such as your back or front yard should obviously receive a little more attention, as should areas around patios, pools, and other high-use features that may see a stronger pest presence.

Your Treatment Wasn’t Professionally Done

Does this all seem rather overwhelming? There are so many reasons why your pest prevention methods might not be working that you might be on the verge of giving up. However, this is where the expertise, training, and skill of a pest expert will come in handy. The team at Purple Care has considerable experience treating properties of all different shapes and sizes for a wide variety of different pest issues found commonly throughout North Texas. And we even protect your property’s most sensitive areas, including gardens, patios, and plenty of other features as well.

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