Tucked between the city's hustle and bustle, there's your cozy nook, where the lawn isn't just green—it's your personal slice of Zen. I mean, who doesn’t want their own pocket-sized paradise? A blend of natural connectivity, sustainability, and aesthetically pleasing environments that offer a sanctuary to disconnect and rejuvenate. We think so!

The journey to maintaining a verdant, pest-free outdoor space can often be demanding. This is where Purple Care steps into your narrative, extending a partnership to transform your lawn into a thriving, green oasis while ensuring a safe, pest-controlled ambiance in and around your home, giving you the simplicity you deserve.

With Purple Care, every blade of grass is nurtured to perfection, as we embrace a holistic suite of lawn services tailored to meet your soil and selective grass's unique needs.

Lawn Fertilization

Our meticulous fertilization treatments ensure your lawn is endowed with the right blend of nutrients, fostering lush, green growth. At the heart of a thriving lawn is the essence of nourishment, a careful blend of nutrients that fosters a lush, verdant landscape. Purple Care takes lawn fertilization a step beyond the conventional. Our approach is rooted in organic fertilization practices, with a keen emphasis on balancing the soil pH and promoting soil biodiversity. It's not just about feeding the grass; it's about nurturing a whole ecosystem beneath and above the soil.

Purple Care's journey toward achieving lawn perfection is backed by rigorous research, keenly attuned to the local environmental dynamics. Our valuable affiliation with reputable institutions like Texas A&M’s Department of Agriculture has not only enriched our understanding but has propelled us into pioneering realms. Through collaborative efforts, we have developed proprietary formulas tailored by our trusted green-producing manufacturers. These formulations are not just fertilizers; they are the elixir of life for your lawn, embodying a blend of essential nutrients and organic matter that encourages robust nutrient cycling systems. Our fertilization narrative doesn't stop at merely nourishing your lawn. We aim for a holistic lawn health strategy. The high-quality products we employ are crafted to do more than just feed your lawn; they work tirelessly to prevent weed imbalances, a common adversary in maintaining a pristine lawn. By enhancing the soil's natural ability to resist weed invasion, our fertilization service ensures that your lawn remains an active nutrient biosystem free from unsightly weed infestations.

We don’t paint your grass green, we cultivate it. The story of Purple Care’s organic lawn fertilization is about a promise - a promise of lush greenery, robust health, and a balanced, thriving ecosystem right in your backyard. It's about extending nature's potential through science, expertise, and a profound respect for the environment. Our meticulous fertilization schedules, coupled with our high-quality, proprietary products, are your lawn’s companions towards achieving a lush, green, and weed-resistant glory.

Weed Control

Pre- and post-emergent herbicides play a crucial role in maintaining the health and aesthetics of your turf by nipping the problem of weed infestation in the bud, quite literally. At Purple Care, we provide a comprehensive weed control program that keeps your lawn in top shape year-round. We use two types of treatments: pre-emergent and post-emergent.

Pre-emergent treatment acts as a protective shield for your lawn. We apply it early in the season, aligning with our local growth cycles before weed seeds can germinate. This proactive approach prevents weeds from taking root and competing with your grass for nutrients, giving your lawn a head start to thrive and remain weed-free.

But what if you already have weeds? No need to worry! Our post-emergent treatment is designed to target and eliminate those unwanted plants without harming your grass. We carefully assess your lawn, adjusting our approach based on the types of weeds present in your lawn and the specific needs of your grass type.

Timing is crucial, and we offer routine follow-up services throughout the year to ensure your lawn stays in pristine condition. Our goal is not only to eliminate weeds but also to help your lawn flourish and look stunning. With our systematic approach in sync with local growth cycles, we provide a thorough and careful solution for a weed-free, lush green lawn you can be proud of.


Amidst Fort Worth's lively rhythm, your lawn might be feeling a tad left out. Much like us needing that occasional weekend getaway, your turf too yearns for a rejuvenating break. Enter aeration, the unsung hero that gives your lawn its mojo back.

Fort Worth's soil predominantly comprises clay compositions, which inherently have a tighter particle structure. Over time, this structure, combined with local environmental factors, leads to soil compaction. When compacted, soil pores are minimized, limiting the oxygen and nutrient flow to the grassroots. Aeration effectively mitigates this by perforating the soil, facilitating improved air, water, and nutrient exchange essential for healthy root growth and development.

The region's climatic conditions and soil properties influence the choice of grass varieties, such as bermudagrass, St. Augustine, and zoysia. Each of these grass types, while distinct in their growth patterns and aesthetics, share a commonality: their requirement for optimal soil conditions. Aeration acts as an essential tool, optimizing soil conditions by enhancing root zone health and promoting efficient nutrient uptake, thus ensuring each grass type reaches its full potential in the unique Fort Worth environment. The year-round benefits of aeration are as follows:

  • Spring: Prepares the lawn for robust growth in the warmer months.
  • Summer: Reduces water runoff, ensuring every drop is utilized.
  • Fall: Strengthens the grassroots for winter, especially crucial for zoysia grass.
  • Winter: Though not typically aerated in winter, the benefits from fall aeration carry into the cold season, ensuring a resilient lawn.
We offer liquid and core aeration to accommodate different lawn conditions but still provide the same great benefits.

Top Dressing

In our quest for lush, verdant lawns and landscapes, the vitality of soil quality is paramount. Acknowledging this, innovative strides in soil enhancement techniques have paved the way for groundbreaking methods to elevate soil health and plant vitality. A notable contribution to this endeavor is Purple Care's exclusive soil enhancer, a product meticulously crafted from organic components.

Purple Care's innovative soil amendments redefine the approach to top dressing. Infused with a harmonious blend of enzyme-inducing microbes and beneficial organisms, these enhancers are engineered to decompose organic content in the soil. This decomposition releases indispensable nutrients, optimizing the soil for plant growth. The top-dressing technique, which involves layering this enriched soil over the existing ground, not only gradually releases nutrients but also refines the soil's texture. This approach is especially beneficial for turf areas, aiding in reducing thatch accumulation and fostering robust root development.

The outcome? Lawns that exude vitality, with roots that delve deeper and stronger. Top dressing not only refines the soil's texture but offers a plethora of advantages for your lawn and landscape, such as enhanced water conservation, elevated aeration and drainage, superior nutrient access, and augmented microbial activity. To further amplify nutrient uptake in the characteristic clay-laden soil of North Texas, it's advantageous to integrate core aeration with our top-dressing enhancements. Our unique composting methods and creative techniques ensure our products are teeming with beneficial microorganisms, offering clients top-tier, sustainable solutions with long-lasting benefits.


At Purple Care, we strongly advise overseeding to ensure year-round lawn health and vibrancy, particularly in our North Texas region, which is known for its hot summers and occasional cold winters, by introducing new grass varieties at strategic times. The ideal time for overseeding is during the transitional seasons of fall and spring when the weather shifts from hot to cooler temperatures. Specifically, we suggest early fall as the prime period for overseeding, just before the first frost sets in. This timing allows the newly planted grass to establish strong root systems before winter arrives. Now, let's delve into why overseeding is a practice we highly encourage, and which grass varieties can benefit your North Texas lawn.

  • Bermudagrass: While bermudagrass thrives in the scorching North Texas summers, it tends to go dormant and lose its green allure during the winter months. To maintain a vibrant, green lawn throughout the colder season, we recommend overseeding with cooler-season grasses like perennial ryegrass in the fall. Think of it as giving your lawn a warm, green blanket for the winter.
  • Zoysia Grass: Zoysia grass is an excellent choice for North Texas lawns. However, it can display uneven growth during seasonal transitions. To ensure your lawn looks stunning year-round, we advise overseeding with cool-season grasses like fine fescue, especially during early fall.

So, why should you consider overseeding as part of your lawn care routine? Overseeding with cool-season grasses guarantees a lush, green lawn that remains attractive even when warm-season grasses take a break during winter. Overseeding helps fill in thin or patchy areas, resulting in a denser, more uniform lawn. A well-maintained lawn with overseeded cool-season grasses is better equipped to resist diseases and pests, keeping your lawn healthier. It also plays a vital role in preventing soil erosion, particularly in sloped areas, by providing continuous ground cover throughout the year.

At Purple Care, we emphasize overseeding as an essential approach for year-round lawn beauty in North Texas, even during warm-season grass dormancy, and we advise selecting grass varieties that match your lawn's specific needs and seasonal preferences to optimize results.

Lawn Diseases & Pests

From grubs to armyworms and chinch bugs, our targeted treatments fortify your lawn against common pests, ensuring a thriving, unblemished green space. Grubs, armyworms, and chinch bugs are common lawn pests that can damage your lawn by consuming grass. Armyworms often move in groups, while chinch bugs have an X-shaped pattern on their backs. Both pests can cause brown or dead patches on your lawn. Grubs, on the other hand, can harm your lawn by feeding on its roots, leading to weakened and easily uprooted turf. Consistent lawn care can help prevent infestations. If you suspect a problem, please reach out for prompt action. These little critters can devastate your turf!

For specific fungal issues, Purple Care recommends a thorough assessment by our lawn care experts who can provide tailored solutions to address the problem effectively. Here are some common diseases in our area and tailored solutions for each:

  • Brown Patch: If you notice circular brown patches with dark borders, our recommendation is to improve lawn drainage, reduce thatch, and ensure proper watering practices. Brown Patch
  • Take-All Root Rot: To address this issue, we suggest improving soil drainage, adjusting pH levels, and considering fungicide treatments in severe cases. Take-All Root Rot
  • Dollar Spot: Manage dollar spot by maintaining consistent moisture levels, proper fertilization, and fungicide applications if necessary. Dollar Spot
  • Powdery Mildew: Promote air circulation, reduce shade, and consider fungicide treatments to control powdery mildew. Powdery Mildew
  • Fairy Ring: Break up the fungal mycelium with aeration and consider fungicide treatment to manage fairy ring, although it can be challenging to control.Fairy Ring
  • Leaf Spot: Reduce thatch, maintain proper watering, and use fungicides as a last resort for severe cases. Leaf Spot
  • Rust: Improve lawn nutrition, reduce shade, and practice proper watering to minimize rust issues. Rust
  • Necrotic Ring Spot: Core aeration and proper lawn care practices, such as consistent watering, can help alleviate necrotic ring spots. Leaf Spot

Pest Control

Purple Care's approach to pest management ensures a peaceful and pest-free home environment. We begin by thoroughly treating indoor areas where pests often infiltrate, forming a sturdy defense against common pests and preventing their entry. Our outdoor services include meticulous web removal and dusting to eliminate unsightly spider webs and pesky crawlies, ensuring pest-free exterior spaces. Our pest control solutions are designed to tackle a variety of pest issues, from mosquitoes and fire ants to termites and rodents. We prioritize eco-friendly techniques that deliver proven results, safeguarding your home and the environment. Purple Care offers flexible service plans tailored to your specific pest control needs.

  • Monthly Service: Ideal for homeowners with new construction buildings and areas with lush, wooded zones, our monthly service plan ensures year-round protection. It's perfect for maintaining the pest-free integrity of new properties, with regular inspections and treatments for continuous peace of mind.
  • Bi-Monthly Service: For those who require a less frequent but consistently effective approach, our bi-monthly service plan provides thorough pest control every two months. It meets your need for both dependable protection and convenience, addressing your property's needs.
  • Quarterly Service: Designed for homeowners who want seasonal pest control, our quarterly service plan offers comprehensive protection every three months. It adapts to changing seasons and pest activity, providing a reliable defense against common invaders.

No matter which service plan you choose, Purple Care is dedicated to maintaining a pest-free home and a safe environment. Our experienced team employs proven techniques and eco-friendly practices to ensure your peace of mind and the well-being of your property, whether it's a new construction build or an established home.

Call us to schedule any of our lawn care and pest control services today.

The journey to a lush, thriving lawn and a pest-controlled home is a narrative of collaboration, trust, and a shared love for nature’s bountiful charm. Engage with us today, and let’s script a green narrative, where every leaf tells tales of nature’s vibrancy and your commitment to eco-conscious living. With a team of seasoned experts, Purple Care evaluates the unique characteristics of your lawn, from the grass variety to soil composition. This ensures an impeccable strategy for your yard, encompassing everything from the right grass and soil enhancements to fertilization and pest mitigation. Entrust your lawn to us, and witness it transform into a flourishing green paradise.

Our lawn care and pest control services are available in Fort Worth, Arlington, Weatherford, and other nearby areas in North Texas. Call us at (817) 880-6052 to schedule any of them today.