A well-chosen, healthy tree will provide shade, beauty, and value to your yard. On the other hand, a tree that someone planted without considering root spread and placement can become a nuisance.

A patchy lawn may be the result of a tree that is not allowing the sunlight to reach the lawn. If a tree’s shade is making it difficult for grass to grow in your yard, it might be time to consider lawn treatment services.

Even though some trees need to be removed, the tree stump can become a decorative asset to your yard. Don’t be too hasty to get rid of the tree stump because a Fort Worth tree trimming service will help you remove your tree so you can get creative with what is left.

Here are a few ideas to help you use a tree stump as a creative part of your landscape design.

1. Convert It Into A Chair

A tree stump is naturally a great seat but would be an even better chair with a backrest. Visit your local thrift shop and find a chair that will fit onto your tree stump.

Paint or stain the seat, remove the legs and secure it to the tree stump.

2. Make It Into A Table

A tree stump could also make the perfect side table to place appetizers or beverages. Another idea is to create a mini-table for the kids by utilizing a tree stump for garden furniture.

You can carve the stump or keep it simple. 

3. Create A Planter

Hollow out the inside of a tree stump and use it as a planter for flowers. You won’t have to worry about buying new planters each year and it will match all types of outdoor décor.

If you have a taller tree stump in your yard, attach smaller pots to the trunk for a hanging garden.

4. Envision A Plant Stand

A tree stump makes a great plant stand and it requires little work on your part. All you need to do is put an attractive container on top of the stump and you have a plant stand.

5. Design A Bird Hotel Not House

You won’t have to feel too guilty about removing the local birds’ home if you turn a taller stump into a bird hotel.

Simply put multiple birdhouses and attach them to the stump. Great way to share this with your children and birds will be grateful for a place to call home.

6. Add Pavers

A tree trunk made into pavers will add an interesting layer of beauty to your outdoor sanctuary.

A larger tree works especially well for creating pavers simply by cutting the stump into similar layers.

Take this idea to the next level, by making a garden path with the pavers.

7. Create a Board Game

Although it might look like a hashtag, teach your kids how to play a fun game like tic-tac-toe.

Paint some lines on the tree stump to make the game and use painted rocks as your game markers.

You could also create a checkerboard or chessboard on top of the tree stump.

8. Leave It Alone By Keeping it Natural

Use the stump as an elegant, decorative part of your garden.

Add grass, rocks, or other natural items to create a focal point. The tree stump could be a convenient resting place for a fountain or bird bath.

There are so many creative ideas for you to use in your outdoor space. At times, a tree needs to be removed and a business such as Purple Care will help you create a beautiful outdoor sanctuary with our tree services.