Hanging your Christmas lights can be challenging to do if you’ve never done it before.

Believe it or not, the majority of homeowners spend nearly 12 hours every year preparing, installing, and removing their Christmas lights.

It is always a good idea to get a specialist to hang the Christmas lights for you. But to help you get started hanging your own, follow our guide below on how to hang Christmas lights outside.

How to Hang Christmas Lights Around Windows?

Here are four of the most efficient ways how to hang Christmas lights outside around your windows:

1. Gutter Hooks

If your windows are located right under your gutters, you should take advantage of this perfect placement. First, buy yourself a pack of gutter hooks and clip them onto your cutter.

Fortunately, they don’t leave any marks or cause damage to your gutters. Next, all you have to do is string your light downwards from the hooks and around your windows.

2. Cup Hooks

If your windows are located too far away from your gutters, your next option is cup hooks, which also just so happen to be sturdier tools to hang your lights with.Simply screw these hooks into your wall and hang your light strings from them. However, keep in mind that they can cause minimal damage to your wall.

3. Wire Suckers

If you don’t want to install anything to your home, wire suckers are an ideal option for you. Plus, it’s a more durable tool for hanging lights on your house, especially if you’re trying to create a large display.

Wire suckers also leave no marks on your windows, which can be a huge relief when you take them down after Christmas. This is one of the best ways how to hang Christmas lights outside without nails.

How to Hang Christmas Lights On The Roof?

When hanging Christmas lights on your roof, make sure you use a sturdy ladder and make sure you don’t come in contact with power lines around your home.

You should also make sure to test your bulbs before installing the lights on your home. Below, are a few of the best way to hang Christmas lights on your roof with ease:

1. Gutters

One of the many challenges you may face when hanging lights on your roof are your gutters. However, if you do plan to install lights on your roof-line, we suggest using clips that you can attach to your gutters.

Using the All in One Plus Clip can also help prevent your lights from going into your gutter, making them hard to see from the ground up.

2. Wood Shingles

When you attach lights from your roof-line to shingles, you can take advantage of two types of clips. The least expensive option you get is the 43, which is commonly used on commercial buildings.

To secure it in place, you may need to use a staple gun, we recommend the Arrow T-25 with 9/16 staples since it offers better grip than most.

3. Tile

Tile roofs can be tricky since there’s nothing you can clip onto. However, you can still use the All in One Plus clip, you just need to invert it depending on the size of the lip you’re clipping it to.

When attaching your lights to an edge of the tile, we suggest using a clamp approximately every 10 feet. This will prevent your lights from falling off in a domino effect.

4. Wood Fascia

When you attach icicle lights your home, use a wood fascia and staple your lights to it. However, when installing your lights, try stapling as little as possible, about every fourth icicle or so.

How to Hang Christmas Lights On A Brick?

There’s no doubt that brick buildings are beautiful, they’re easy to maintain and incredibly durable, but they can be hard to install Christmas lights on.

After all, you can’t just staple or drill lights onto your building. Instead, we implore you to explore a few alternative best way to hang Christmas lights outside on a brick:

1. Brick Clips

Brick clips attach to your building with strong teeth, powered by a spring system. These clips are rust-resistant and are easy to take down when Christmas is over. In order to use brick clips, place the bottom end of the clip against the bottom of the brick and pull the top over the top of the brick.

If you need to get a better hold of the brick, you can just as easily adjust the spring as well.

2. Hot Glue

Another way how to hang Christmas lights outside on brick is to use hot glue.

A glue gun is a durable, temporary way to hang Christmas lights on your brick building.Plus, it adheres well to stucco, concrete, and brick surfaces. Additionally, hot glue is fairly easy to remove after the holidays.

3. Christmas Light Gutter Clips

Like we mentioned above, gutter clips are a great way to install lights, no matter what kind of home you have. They’re both easy to install and durable enough to last through the winter weather. Plus, there are a couple of styles you can choose from, such as:

  • the gutter clip
  • all-in-one clip
  • and S-style clip

Gutter clips work with any style of lights and can either hold them horizontally or vertically. To install, all you have to do is slide the hook onto the edge of your gutter lip, and adjust it for whichever direction you want your lights to be. Then, you can hang your Christmas lights on the hook.

Having said all that, if you still don’t feel comfortable hanging your Christmas lights outside, hire a local expert. Here at Purple Care we offer Christmas lights installation services that will:

  • save you time
  • ensure nothing goes wrong with the installation
  • suggest where best to hang the lights
  • and ensure fire safety with all your decorations

For more information on outdoor Christmas decorating, please contact us via our online form or call us to schedule an appointment. Merry Christmas!