Each year, as temperatures rise, we aren’t the only ones that like to venture out. Summer isn’t only the time for BBQs, beach days, gardening, and spending plenty of time outside; it is also the season of pests! When the sun comes out, so do the mosquitoes, wasps, bees, rodents, ants, flies, and more.

At Purple Care, we truly care about your comfort and well-being. This summer, let us guide you in protecting your home. Read on to learn what you can do to proof your home against pesky, unwelcome guests.

Keep Things Clean

Pests love to find dark, cluttered areas within your home where they can safely hide away. To make sure your home isn’t their favorite place to be, you need to keep things clean! Be sure to regularly vacuum, sweep, mop, and dust your home. This includes wiping away any cobwebs from corners or ceilings. Also, clean up any areas of clutter, which make perfect hideouts for tiny critters.

If you leave crumbs, pests will find them! Store all of your food in airtight containers, avoid leaving leftovers out, and clean up any spills right away.

Take Care Of Your Yard

Your yard is the perfect home for countless pests. To make it a little less inviting, there are a few things you can do.

This includes:

  • Clear away all excess foliage, dead leaves, branches, twigs, and other debris from the ground
  • Trim trees and shrubs to ensuring there is at least 12 inches of space between them and your home
  • Keep your lawn mowed
  • Cover up your trash cans
  • Move piles of wood away from your home
  • Avoid leaving dog or cat food outside
  • Place mosquito lanterns, candles, or other repelling devices around your yard

Seal Off Access Points

From ants to mosquitoes to rats, if there is a way to get into your home, pests will find it. Even the tiniest cracks, crevices, or holes provide plenty of room for unwelcome guests to make their way inside. In fact, mice can make their way through a hole that is just 6 mm in diameter!

Pay careful attention to your home and do your best to seal off any entry points such as large spaces in between doors and frames, ripped window screens, or holes, cracks, and crevices along the foundation.

Control Areas Of Excess Moisture

Areas of moisture are high-traffic pest areas commonly used for drinking, breeding, and more. Whether within your home or yard, any areas of moisture should be taken care of. This means, leaky faucets need to be fixed, pipe leaks need to be repaired, and any standing sources of water around your yard (such as birdbaths, overwatered pots, tires, etc.) should be eliminated if possible. Even the smallest water source, like a cup of water, is plenty big enough to attract countless breeding mosquitoes.

Schedule Pest Control With Purple Care

One of the best ways to protect your home against summer pests is to schedule pest control. At Purple Care, our pest control experts use specialized treatments tailored to your specific situation. Backed by nearly 30 years of service experience, you can trust that our team has your best interest at heart. We use nothing but the latest and greatest tools, technology, and treatment solutions to ensure that your entire property is safe and pest free all summer long!

We can protect your home against:

Pests are no match for Purple Care. With us on your side, you never have to worry about swarms of ants taking over your kitchen or mosquitoes ruining your family BBQ again.

Schedule pest control by calling (817) 880-6052. You can also message us online.