Are you tired of insects ruining your summer? Does it seem like you are accosted by flies, moths, and mosquitoes every time you leave your house? We have good news for you: there is a solution! There are a variety of plants that you can add to your garden that both enhance your landscape and repel these unwanted pests. Continue reading to learn more about how you can take back control of your yard.

Add These Plants To Your Garden

Nothing can ruin your family BBQ quite like ants, flies, mosquitoes, yellowjackets, and other unbearably irritating insects. Instead of dealing with these unwanted insect attacks, take back control of your yard.

These 15 plants can be used to both enhance your landscape and repel pests:

  • Alliums: These beautiful, tall, vibrant flowers repel slugs, aphids, and more.
  • Basil: Basil is an amazing herb to keep in your garden for summer recipes. It also repels house flies, mosquitoes, and more.
  • Catnip: Catnip is easy to grow and blooms beautiful lavender flowers. It is known to repel ants, flea beetles, aphids, cockroaches, and more
  • Chrysanthemums: These beautifully vibrant flowering plants repel cockroaches, ants, ticks, silverfish, lice, fleas, bed bugs, and more.
  • Eucalyptus: This plant provides one of the most soothing aromas while repelling aphids, the cabbage looper, and more.
  • Garlic: This plant not only produces beautiful pink and purple flowers but also a kitchen staple. It is known to repel aphids, cabbage moths, and Japanese beetles
  • Geraniums: These beautiful flowers are available in a variety of colors and produce a lemon-like scent. They are known to repel leafhoppers, corn earworms, and more.
  • Hyssop: This brightly colored shrub produces brightly colored, fragrant pink, blue, and white flowers. It is known to repel moths.
  • Lavender: Lavender leaves your yard smelling fresh and adds a beautiful pop of purple to your landscape. It is known to repel moths, scorpions, fleas, flies, and mosquitoes.
  • Lemongrass: Every cook needs to keep lemongrass in their garden to add a pop of flavor to their meals. This plant is also known to repel mosquitoes.
  • Marigolds: As part of the sunflower family, these vibrant perennials will enhance the appearance of any garden. They repel aphids and mosquitoes.
  • Mint: Add pots of mint to your landscape to prevent it from spreading too quickly. This aromatic plant repels aphids, cabbage moths, ants, and mosquitoes
  • Petunias: These lovely plants come in a variety of colors and are easy to maintain. They are known to repel squash bugs, beetles, and aphids
  • Rosemary: This delicious, aromatic herb is a must for any home cook. It adds a beautiful pop of green to your landscape while repelling mosquitoes, cockroaches, slugs, carrot rust flies, cabbage moths, and more.
  • Sage: This perennial, evergreen shrub produces blue and purple flowers. It is known to repel cabbage moths and carrot rust flies.

How Purple Care Can Help

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