Over time Purple Care and our partners have pulled soil samples from many of your lawns to make sure the turf is healthy and to identify any potential issues.

Unfortunately, if you live in North Texas our soil quality here is very poor and has a high PH or Alkalinity. Why is this a problem?

High PH or alkalinity results in the following soil problems:

  • Blocks the turfs ability to absorb nutrients
  • Weaker root system
  • Discoloration or yellowing
  • Lawns grow more slowly
  • Increases susceptibility to common lawn disease (very common in St. Augustine and Zoysia grass)
  • Less drought tolerant
  • Less winter hardiness

How To Deal With Soil Problems?

One of my favorite things to do to any lawn is add organic material by adding a ½ inch of premium top dressing soil in the spring or summer. This helps increase the organic material our soil is lacking and does wonders for the lawn.

It is absolutely my favorite technique to deal with soil problems and perform on a lawn, however, it can be costly considering the material cost as we have to apply a ½ inch of premium soil to your entire lawn. I can say with 100% certainty that this has helped every lawn we have applied this process to.

There is a much lower cost option that is much friendlier on the budget…… Add sulfur. Sulfur is typically applied 1-2 times per year during the cooler months.

Sulfur will do the following:

  • Enhances color, density and growth
  • Helps grass absorb nitrogen and nutrients
  • Better decomposition of thatch
  • Greater drought tolerance
  • Better disease resistance and faster recovery
  • Stronger grass roots

In a perfect world, all our clients would allow us to top dress their yard and our lawns would look amazing. I also realize I’m dreaming. On the other hand I do think that adding sulfur to your lawn is very feasible for all our client’s budget. Whether you do it yourself or allow us to apply sulfur to your lawn this year we are happy to help. The cost is approximately a little more than the cost of one of your lawn care treatments.

If you would like us to apply a sulfur application to your lawn this fall/winter, you can contact us and I’ll make sure one of our technicians applies within the next few weeks. Also If you would like a top dressing quote for next Spring please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with one.

We just celebrated Thanksgiving and we at Purple Care are all thankful to call you our client.

We truly appreciate your business.