When our client in Arlington, TX, reached out to our team, they wanted to define the landscape beds and tree ring in their front yard. These elements are focal points, and they knew making them stand out even more would boost their property's curb appeal. So, we got to work making that happen with a stone border! We used a stone that matches what's on our client's house to create a cohesive flow and ensure the border complements it. We also strengthened it with a concrete footer and steel rebar to make it durable. That way, it stands the test of time, serving equal parts aesthetic and functional purposes.

We Installed the Stone Border Around the Landscape Beds & Tree in Their Front Yard

Our client has a beautiful landscape in front of their house, boasting beds filled with plants and a tree in the middle of their lawn. However, there wasn't much separation between these elements and the grass, and they wanted to define them to elevate their property's curb appeal even more. To do this, our crew installed a stone border around the landscape beds lining the front of the house and the tree ring. This border gives them a distinct shape and draws attention to their beauty, making them stand out as focal points.

A stone border can help keep grass and weeds from spreading to your landscape beds.

We Used a Stone That Matches Our Client's House for Their Landscape Border

While the border enhances the landscape beds and tree ring in our client's yard, we wanted to ensure we used a material that complements the overall aesthetic. Because of this, we built it from a stone that matches what is on the house. By doing this, the landscape border creates a cohesive, purposeful look, making it seem like it's been there the entire time. This seemingly small detail makes all the difference in their property's appearance.

We Strengthened Their Landscape Stone Border With a Concrete Footer & Steel Rebar

One of the most notable differentiators with this project is that we strengthened their landscape stone border with a concrete footer and steel rebar. We take pride in the quality of our work, and we go the extra mile so what we do has long-lasting impacts. This concrete footer, which we reinforced with steel rebar, boosts the border's durability to help it withstand things like a lawn mower running into it or the ground shifting over time. Not only does this ensure our client gets the most out of their investment, but it also allows their landscape stone border to provide aesthetic and functional benefits for years to come.

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