It’s finally time to say goodbye to freezing rain, slick roads and blue northers. The change in season puts a spring in everybody’s step here in north Texas, and you’re ready to soak up some sunshine. Yard work doesn’t seem like a chore yet, so head outside. Enjoy the fresh air while you give your lawns, trees and gardens lots of springtime love and landscape care.

Spring Into Lawn Care

As the yard wakes up to springtime, it needs a little help shaking off cold weather blues. You took care of raking duties last fall, but dead leaves and withered grass blanketed the lawn all winter. This natural debris forms a thatch that stunts spring growth, so put that rake to use one more time. Apply a quality lawn fertilizer in early April, follow up with a second application in May, and stay ahead of weed problems. Pre-emergent herbicides are your best defense against broadleaf, dandelions and ragweed.

Tend Trees and Shrubs

As long as the yard stays well-fed, trees and shrubs don’t need much spring fertilizing, but it’s best to check with a local landscaping specialist. You might want to call in the pros for pruning too. Large trees need thinning because their shade interferes with healthy grass growth. A good trim discourages both tree and shrub pests and disease, and it cuts back on potential damage from limbs downed by summer storms. Before you climb the ladder, consider calling in our Purple Care teams for the heavy work.

Baby Those Beds

Vegetable gardens and flower beds get off to a better start with a little springtime rejuvenation. A few inches of compost add nutritious spring energy to tired garden soil. While you’re turning the trowel, break up compacted dirt by carefully aerating around newly planted stock. Make sure your drainage strategies survived the winter, and trim back trees or shrubs that block out sunshine.

The Tarrant County Texas Cooperative Extension is a great source for information about getting a jump on spring gardening. Taking care of springtime landscapes quickly turns into a big job, so our Purple Care pros are always here when you need help. We’ve nurtured lawns, trimmed trees and tended gardens around the greater Fort Worth area for more than 20 years, and we handle commercial properties too. If you’d like more tips about getting your yard ready for spring, just give our friendly teams a call!