Your yard is your little piece of paradise. You’ve worked hard to create a space that’s conducive to family fun, entertaining and simply relaxing after a hard day.

Your overall landscaping is impeccable, but your trees—well, they could stand some work. By work, they need trimming, shaping or sometimes expert tree removal.

But life’s hectic. You’re busy at work, and you’re busy at home with family. You’ve continued to put the job off, and now the trees are overgrown. They now look impossible to tackle with your simple tools.

You don’t want unsightly trees marring your pretty landscape.

So what do you do?

You call our licensed and professional tree services company to trim and restore your trees to their natural health and beauty.

When it comes to caring for your trees, using our tree trimming service in Arlington including expert tree removal, is the best option for several reasons.

1. Safety Concerns

When trees become overgrown, they may require more substantial tools to trim and shape them. These specialized tools and equipment typically means power equipment.

All tools and equipment can be dangerous if used incorrectly, and power tools are even more dangerous.

Tree trimming services and expert tree removal services will take care of your trees and eliminate your risk of injury.

Our tree professionals are not only trained to trim trees correctly but they’re also trained and skilled in how to properly use the tools and equipment of their trade.

2. Health

We covered human safety above; now let’s talk about tree safety. When you trim your trees, you run the risk of injuring the tree if you cut it incorrectly.

Trees are living things just as we are. And just as we need to eat correctly to keep our health optimized, trees need to be trimmed correctly to optimize their health.

If a tree is trimmed the wrong way, then it could become susceptible to disease, which could kill it. You don’t want a dead tree in your landscape.

That’s why it’s essential to call our experts on tree services in Arlington TX.

3. Time of Year

We’ve already established that trimming a tree the correct way is crucial to keeping it healthy.

The time of year when you have your trees trimmed is also vital to maintaining their good health.

The optimal time to trim trees is when they are dormant in the winter before the new spring growth begins.

If you trim your trees out of their natural cycle, then you may negatively affect the way they grow and bloom for the season.

4. Cost

Yes, it does cost to hire a professional and licensed tree trimmer.

But balance that cost against the cost to buy, store and maintain all the many types of tools and equipment you’d need to do the trimming yourself.

These tools and equipment are expensive, and given that they’re designed for tree trimming, they aren’t typically usable for other landscaping tasks.

When you pay to have your trees trimmed, you’re receiving more in return than just a simple cutting.

Our team provides landscape design that truly lives up to our name. We shape each individual tree to bring out its maximum beauty and health while designing it to be harmonious in the landscape.

No matter how carefully we plan and balance our time, life will always intervene with some problem or another.

Make life easier and more fun. Call us at Purple Care to get the job done right the first time. (817) 880-6052