That beautiful green carpet underfoot makes days and nights a pleasure outside, but keeping lawns lovely isn’t easy. If your yard starts looking a little weary, it might be suffering from one of these six common turf grass problems…

1. Funky Fungal Disease – Take-all patch lives up to its scary name by attacking your lawn’s root system and spreading over the entire yard. This aggressive turf disease appears as yellow grass that eventually darkens and dies. Its cousin, brown patch, creates circular patterns, and fighting both lawn problems requires fungicide application.

2. Unwanted Pest Guests – The two yard pests that plague Fort Worth homeowners most often are fire ants and lawn grubs. Fire ants excavate caverns under the turf as they expand their colonies while grubs devour tender grass roots. Without professional lawn treatment, these two unwanted guests can quickly destroy a healthy lawn.

3. Thick Thatch Buildup – It’s a natural part of the lawn, but thatch between grass and soil eventually compacts and becomes a thick layer of turf trouble. The buildup prevents oxygen and water from reaching root systems, but annual lawn aeration controls the problem by punching through thatch and restoring its porous composition.

4. Wild Weed Growth – Give grassy weeds and broadleafs a yard that’s already in trouble, and these invasive plants go on a growing binge. Weeds are aggressive, so it takes pre-emergent spring treatments and post-emergent fall applications of weed control to keep dandelions, goose grass, and ragweed from taking over your turf.

5. Off-Target Watering – Does your yard always seem parched? You could be dealing with badly compacted soil or just enough slope to cause runoff. If you try to overcompensate, turf becomes too wet to weather summer sun without scorching. A lawn irrigation specialist can get your watering strategies back on target.

6. Badly Balanced Fertilizing – Too much fertilizer promotes grass blade growth at the expense of healthy root structure. This weakens turf and sets up conditions that invite pests and disease to move in. Badly balanced fertilizer can burn root systems, so check with a lawn fertilization expert before feeding your turf.

Your yard needs special care to weather Fort Worth’s summer heat, so give us a call if you need a little help. When you have turf grass questions, Purple Care has the best answers in all of North Texas.