Spring has finally sprung! We’ve already gotten our fair share of April showers this year, which means our May flowers are likely to be abundant. But before you can enjoy your lawn this summer, we have some spring cleaning and maintenance to take care of.

Preventing weed growth and deterring pests will keep your yard in great shape year-round.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance will be one of the largest parts of your spring cleaning. Once summer starts mowing will be huge, but for the early parts of the year, you may be doing various maintenance tasks between spring showers. There are many areas of your lawn that require pruning, mulching, and cleaning. General yard cleaning tips include:

  • Disposing of litter and animal feces
  • Raking up leftover leaves from autumn
  • Trimming dead leaves and stalks from perennial plants
  • Cutting ornamental grasses close to the root

Be sure to rake up leaves when the ground is fully dry--otherwise, you could tear the grass out by the roots and leave your lawn with empty patches. Once your lawn and garden beds are clipped and cleared, it’s time to look at the grass on your lawn itself.

Understanding Fungal Diseases

Dead spots in your grass have a myriad of possible causes. Sometimes, an animal chooses a particular spot in your yard to relieve itself, which can brown the grass in that location over time. However, if you have a fungal disease, it’s important to note that it is highly unlikely that it will destroy your lawn. More often than not, fungal diseases manifest as unsightly discoloration or brown spots that are caused by extended periods of heat or humidity.

But there are some fungal diseases you can help prevent.

Dollar spots

This fungal disease gets its name from its appearance. In the early stages, this fungus can be identified by light, tan spots that are about the size of a silver dollar. The circles have irregular shapes, but as they grow, these spots can merge into larger patches that are several feet in diameter.

This widespread disease attacks the leaf blades of many different kinds of turfgrasses—not roots or soils—and thrives in conditions with dry soil and humid air. Eradication of dollar spots can be difficult, so prevention is key with this disease. Follow these tips to keep your lawn healthy and help prevent dollar spots:

  • Practice good mowing habits. Our Purple Care team will identify the different types of grass you have on your lawn, and provide a mowing schedule that will best meet your yard's needs.
  • Aerate your lawn. Dollar spots mostly occur on the thatch of your lawn--AKA the base of grass where organic matter such as grass clippings typically land. Aerating your lawn prevents thatch from building up and blocking your soil from water and oxygen.
  • Fertilize in late spring. Using fertilizer in the late spring can help stimulate grass growth and prevent conditions that lead to dollar spots.

Unfortunately, dollar spots are easier to prevent than they are to treat. The good news is that brown spots in your lawn can mean many different things, so it’s important to consult with an expert if you think your lawn needs extra attention.

Weed Control

When weeding your lawn or garden, be sure to remove the weeds at the root to fully eradicate the problem. Many common lawn weeds are perennial and return year after year if not properly controlled, so it’s important to take the proper steps early.

  • Fertilize. Slow-release fertilizers help your lawn grow over time, filling in any bare patches. This will aid in weed prevention without compromising the health of your grass.
  • Prevent future growth. Properly caring for your lawn is a major component of weed control. Lawn care service professionals can help you determine which custom made soils or lawn care products will benefit your yard the most.

Paired with techniques such as aeration and soil amendments, proper weed control can prevent growth in the future and leave you with an emerald lawn you’ll be proud of year-round.

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