While residents of the Greater Fort Worth Area value the beauty and shade provided by trees, storms don’t seem to be considerate of that. Be prepared for when a storm hits and it damages your yard, home, or cars with this exclusive guide to minimizing damage from a storm and what to do after the damage has already been done.

What To Consider When It Comes To Storm Damage

Remember, if you discover problems during your inspection, don’t panic! You can always obtain skilled tree care assistance.

Particularly if you own mature trees, or have a small lawn where damage to your trees could damage your vehicles or home, it can be a wise decision to request expert storm-damaged tree removal or trimming.

Use This Helpful Checklist To Check Your Trees For Storm Damage

Review The Condition of Your Yard

We suggest property owners take the time to inspect the entire yard after a storm with safety in mind. You may find it helpful to take along a tablet or notebook and make notes to remind yourself about issues requiring attention, especially if you have homeowners or renters insurance and need to make a claim for any damage.

Fallen Branches, Leaves, And Dead Wood

As a preliminary matter, you’ll want to restore the condition of the lawn by picking up or removing fallen branches and leaves and noting dead or fallen trees. Sometimes lightning strikes kill trees. If the areas sustained a particularly bad storm, also remain alert to the presence of any downed electrical lines, broken glass, and other hazards during your inspection.

Conduct a Careful Tree-by-Tree Inspection

It helps to evaluate the condition of every tree in the yard. Check storm-damaged trees closely for broken branches.

Obtain Tree Removal if Necessary

Arrange for storm damage tree removal as soon as possible. Dead trees may fall over suddenly and cause injuries to people or nearby structures.

Optimize Tree Growth Conditions

After a storm, pay especially close attention to the condition of young trees. They may benefit from staking to correct trunk defects caused by heavy winds.

Perform Skilled Pruning

Prune broken and dead branches carefully.

Consider New Tree Planting

If you must remove a dead tree, you may decide to replace it with a new planting. Always research a tree’s anticipated maximum height and canopy dimensions first!

Local Tree Services

If your trees require pruning, trimming or removal, you can ask us at Xtreme Lawn Care to provide skilled landscaping assistance. We also offer regular leaf pick up services and tree planting services.

As a full-time, experienced grounds keeping company, we’ve invested in the specialized tools and equipment required to perform storm damage tree removal and maintain lovely healthy trees in the Fort Worth Area.

Call upon our expertise at any time by dialing (817) 880-6052 or using the convenient website contact form. Our firm helps many local families and businesses enjoy the magnificent park-like settings!