The quality of a neighborhood depends largely on curb appeal, which is how attractive the area looks at the first glance of a visitor or potential home buyer.

Curb appeal includes many elements, such as the style of homes and the condition of streets, but lawns and landscapes play a very big part in whether a neighborhood catches the eye or turns people away.

Maintaining a lawn involves more than just mowing. Total lawn care and upkeep of landscaping also involve:

The overwhelming amount of work can make it more practical to find a lawn service to handle these tasks, especially with the scorching heat and frequent dryness of the DFW area. Here are some reasons you may want to let Purple Care take over for you and help create a healthy lawn within your community.

Specialized Lawn Equipment

The machinery and hand tools required for an efficient, professional job in the lawn or landscape are too expensive for the homeowner to justify. Yet you can’t get the beautiful finish you want with ordinary mowers and trimmers.

Purple Care is equipped with commercial equipment that will yield beautiful results in a fraction of the time it takes to do it yourself. That means no more sharpening blades, changing oil, or buying a lawnmower.

Neighborhood Consistency

Communities today are constantly striving for uniformity. There are homeowners’ associations, deed restrictions, and other considerations to encourage development consistent with a theme. This is especially true if one neighbor may not be quite as conscientious about when and how to mow, which leads us to our next point.

Correct Mowing Techniques

Mowing is not as simple as it seems. Quality lawn care requires that grass is mowed at the appropriate height to ensure healthy growth that doesn’t invite weeds to the party.

The same is true of trimming and pruning of trees and other plants. In the North Texas heat, incorrect techniques can stress or kill plants, so it’s vital that this work is done right. That’s what we’re here to do.

Landscape Design Consideration

Many people buy homes with existing landscaping already in place, or they attempt to make the landscape design themselves. However, most typical homeowners just don’t know enough about it to make the landscape look its best.

We provide landscape services as well as landscape design to help you develop a beautiful, total look for your home that will match the rest of the neighborhood.


There is nothing more frustrating than fighting Dallas traffic hoping to get home and mow the yard only to be interrupted by a sudden downpour. It seems like the more work the lawn needs, the less time there is to do it.

With a full-time crew devoted to making the most of all the hours of daylight, Purple Care will get your lawn and landscape work done in a timely fashion, and if several of your neighbors are also clients of ours, we’ll help create consistency through the whole community.

The best accent for a beautiful home is a lawn and landscape that sets it off. When the neighborhood has established rules and standards, use of a contractor can go a long way toward creating that important consistency from lawn to lawn and home to home.

Together, a great vision of the neighborhood and beautiful maintenance of its lawns and landscapes will make a distinctive community with real curb appeal. Purple Care shares this vision of a well-manicured neighborhood, and we want to help you and your neighbors make it a reality.